Friday, February 5, 2016

Jonathan’s silence

Goodluck Jonathan
We all wished that Jonathan could come out swinging to defend his policies and those that served his administration. But Buhari and his Gestapo wouldn't even let Dasuki speak out in a public hearing in court. Instead the gullible Nigerians are being fed with these salacious nonsense by Buhari and his APC administration. The media trial and lynching of the opposition with selective corruption fight is part of the dictator's retarded strategies to scam the gullible. We've been told by the same shameless APC administration that Dasuki bought arms for the military afterall. After 8 months of denial. Now they said the weapons were 'substandard'. Credible sources have revealed that Dasuki bought arms worth more than $2.8 billions.
NSA doesn't neet to spend all its allocation on arms purchase. We will never forget that Buhari and the Arewa Elders were the ardent supporters of these jihadists at some time.
All of Dasuki's rights have been violated. Buhari and his fraudulent APC administration should be held in contempt of the court. We call on the court to dismiss this case.  Read more.......

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