Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Corruption war : APC is not in any way apologetic – Oyegun

John Oyegun: APC Leader
Thanks for your patriotic stance in defense of our civil and constitutional rights; on which our democracy stands. Buhari and his APC (not Nigerian) government have declared war on our democracy. They've decided to destroy the foundation of our democracy that was solidified in the last 6 yrs. Keeping Nigerians as political prisoners without rights to arraignment and bail options are the ultimate violation of human and constitutional rights. We'll continue to forward these atrocities to the International Agencies.

We'll expose all the 95% of APC members who were formerly in PDP. They left for APC when PDP was about to expose their corrupt activities. They financed Buhari's campaign with looted money. Let Buhari return the looted money used to finance his campaign. The last 6 yrs of our democracy restored our fundamental human rights to ask questions. Buhari must be ready to keep the 12 million Nigerians that voted against him as POLITICAL PRISONERS.  Read more......

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