Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Architects of Nigeria Anarchy

A rejoinder to "Nigeria Systemic Corruption: The genesis and the solution".
Dwight Eisenhower
In 1919 as a young lieutenant colonel in the army he had accompanied the first transcontinental military motor convoy from Washington, DC, to San Francisco. Like most American motorists, the soldiers traveled on dirt roads and crumbling bridges; it took about two months for them to cross the country. And years later, during World War II, he observed the advantages of the German autobahn network, which made for safe and efficient mobility. This young officer became the President of the United States in 1953.  His name was Dwight Eisenhower. This experience motivated his push for the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1954, that signaled the start of America Highway System.  Today United States has the best network of Highway System in the world. These are the stuff visionary are made of. Before Eisenhower, his predecessors made their marks variously upon which he built. Each time I found myself on the US highways, from Atlanta to New Jersey to Virginia to Savannah or any part of this great nation called United States of America, I gave thanks to God for His creation among many other things.
This greatness is the byproduct of a democratic system where every successive administrations are busy with the business of the people and striving to leave great legacies of achievements for future generations.
Dictatorships Dominated Nigeria Governance since Independence
A common sense logic to the genesis of corruption in Nigeria can, and should be gleaned and inferred from simple statistics and data on those that have ruled this our beloved country since the Independence.  It is simple commonsense.  Of the 54 years of Independence, Nigeria has been ruled by one form of dictatorships (OBJ's last 8 years was an extension of the dictatorships by all standards) or the other by 75.9 % of the time compared to the 24% by the elected representative government. There was no single project of national importance identifiable as the major achievement of these dictatorships. Those who proclaim from the mountain top the "war on indiscipline' as an achievement should shut up.

Coup Plotter
The brigands of 1966 that aborted our young democracy at its infancy and the successive dictatorships sent this nation into the economic, social and political abyss. These dictatorships were the cogwheel in the Nigeria match to becoming the African economic and political superpower.  In another clime, these brigands and all the dictatorships would be put on trials, even in abstentia, for their crimes against humanity and or banned from ever holding any public office again.

Instead, these brigands are either returning to rule Nigeria as "enthroned" president, or scheming to return to rule Nigeria. Many are trotting the corridors of power and voicing opinions on the matter of the state. Nigerians must wake up.  Humans with no sense of history have no future.  Lets reflect back into our common history to see what went wrong, so we can fix it.
It is a travesty for Nigerians to blame our current administration for the Nigeria rot. To these misguided Nigerians I say, give me a break and go back into Nigeria history to see the real bigoted treasonable dictators that planted the seeds of corruption and economic pillage that left us a broken nation.  These dictators are the chief architects of Nigeria political, economic and social anarchy. They are the Anarchists that wreaked havoc on Nigeria and turned it into a pariah state.

Nigerian Dictator
Nigerian Dictator
Our democracy has been given another shot at life and a chance to return Nigeria to its destined glory.  Our democracy is less than 4 years old. We must seize this moment to support our president in the Nation building. In a democracy, we can only have one president at a time.  Goodluck Jonathan is our president now for goodness sake.

In the future and in subsequent elections, informed electorates will dump the corrupt and non- performing candidates at the ballot box.  Our democracy is taking the baby steps that will take many years to mature.  Nigerians must show love for  the country and for one another. We must join hands together and capitalize on the God-given opportunities to create a successful and an economic powerhouse as it was destined to be before the brigands came calling.

Goodluck Jonathan is a refreshing relief after so many years of dictatorships and wanton misgovernance that bequeathed us a rot.  It is not perfect.  It is the best EVER.

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