Monday, May 5, 2014

Nigeria Democracy Under Siege: Children Became Pawns on the Political Chess Board

Atiku Abubakar: An ambitious Nigerian Politician
Nearly three weeks ago, our children were snatched from their school dormitories in the dead of the night by hoodlums and taken into the forest in Borno State. At the time of this report, the welfare and the conditions of these children are unknown.  Filtered news suggest that some have been trafficked out of Nigeria into the Republics of Cameroon and Chad; and 'sold' into sham Islamic marriages and sex slaves.  We also learnt that some of them are sick and some might have died of some sickness or snake bites in this forest.

We have also witnessed series of explosions that claimed many Nigerian lives in our cities. Many lives cut short and families left in sorrow.

If all of these were intended as part of the efforts to intimidate this administration and or to Islamize a Nation, they have failed........ woefully.  If these are orchestrations by 'politicians' at power grab they have failed...... woefully too.

We expect more of these chaos in the run up to 2015 from ambitious politicians and political godfathers who would do anything to disrupt and to scuttle our democracy. The people will know who the real enemies are and their clandestine activities will be exposed.

Ex-Dictator: Buhari Mohammed
Only lunatics can fathom the islamization of a nation like Nigeria. These lunatics are as evil as they get. In a battle between evil and good, the good will always remain standing at the end of the day.  That is the way it has always  been.  That is the way it will be. The battle line has been drawn. This war will be over when these lunatics are uprooted from our midst. Since they have chosen to embark on this suicide mission, we shall help them hasten their journey to hell.  They will be the sacrifice on the alter of our democracy.

Our sadness and anger as these events unfold are immeasurable. The nightmares that we endure during this time are beyond words. These lunatics that chose to unleash these horrors on these children and on us are not humans.

The fates of these lunatics are sealed.  It is a sad and pathetic fate for each one of them. There are no places for these subhumans among us.  The politicians that covertly endorse these sinister campaigns through their utterances and their 'deep pockets", against our democracy shall never come close to elective offices again.

Political Chess Game
Those who promote these acts of violence against our children and our democracy will pay dearly for what they have done. We learnt that all these ugly events might be part of an orchestration by some ambitious political 'big wigs' to intimidate our system of government.  We admit that we are subdued and humbled by the turn of events, but we are undaunted. Any human that will use children as pawns in a political gamesmanship should search his souls. Those evil politicians have nothing to offer Nigeria that we need.
Mothers of Kidnapped Children
 Their desperation at power grab is an indication of the evils that they have in store for the entire Nation. We will expose them and we will shame them for what they are. This treachery against our children and our democracy shall not go unpunished.

By what comes out of their mouth we know what is in their hearts. We remember a 2011 promise "...... those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable”.

We will not forget those who vowed to make Nigeria ungovernable. 

Our Democracy
Our democratic Republic is just a few years old.  We never presumed an easy ride when we embarked on this political journey in our new democracy.  But not in our wildest dream did we expect our children to become pawns in the hands of these wickedly selfish and desperate 'politicians' and their ragtags hoodlums and thugs. 

Democracy had worked wonders in many civilized nations of the world.  The level of violence that we see in Nigeria has set our democracy apart. Nigeria will and must emerge a better and a stronger nation. These challenges to our democratic ideals are transitory. 

Save Our Children:
It is now three weeks since our children were abducted from their school.  We are ashamed of our failure to protect and to rescue them from the clutches of these evils and bring them home.  The trauma inflicted on these children will last a lifetime. The failures of our security services including the military have exposed our weakness as a Nation. We hold the Presidency accountable.  If we cannot protect our children, how do we protect the whole Nation?
  • Urgent Military Offensive: An offensive by all the branches of the Nigerian military to free these children is the only option.  It is critical and urgent.  Negotiations with these lunatics are senseless and out of the question. Each passing day is a race against time.  We have learnt that some of these children have been trafficked out of the country as sex slaves. Some are sick and some are dead according to the reports.
  • We need not wait until all the children perish before we launch a military offensive.  By then there would be no child to rescue.
  • A drastic and a robust military offensive is a viable option that could end this madness in a matter of days.
  • While we hope for the best, we are prepared for the worst.
  • We are prepared for the violent end to these nightmares.
  • We wholeheartedly welcome US technical and logistical assistance as we move forward in the rescue operations and to bring these thugs to justice.   
  • All branches of Nigerian Military will do the heavy lifting.
These lunatics must pay dearly for these heinous crimes.
We must act NOW...........for goodness sake !!!!!

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