Friday, February 5, 2016

The problem with Goodluck Jonathan

Jonathan and Buhari
Thanks. Excellent article. If there was no GEJ presidency, Buhari would have been history. If not for Jonathan's magnanimity, thousands of Nigerians would've been slaughtered today from carnage unleashed by Buhari.
Some of us wished GEJ could come out swinging to defend himself and those that so well served his administration, but that itself is not to be. Jonathan wasn't the perfect president Nigeria needed, but he outclassed all presidents before him.
Corruption is the bane of our society. Jonathan did not inherit Eldorado from the prior administration either. The 45 yrs of mediocre military governance created a mess that 6 yrs of GEJ presidency could not wipe out. The dictators were unelected and unaccountable to the people. They entrenched impunity and corruption. They are the richest Nigerians that control the oil blocks.
GEJ presidency restored our rights to elect our leaders. We will protect these rights jealously. 
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