Friday, April 4, 2014

Terrorism and Human Ritualism: The Onslaughts on Nigeria and the Political Ramifications

The Face of Nigeria Agony: And these Shall Pass
It is an understatement to say that all is not well with Nigeria. The moral decay of the wretched of the Earth and the heartless megalomaniacs foisting mayhem on Nigeria is an indication that the social values and the morality of these scums are subhuman. Their species are incompatible with humanity and contemporary civilization. The onslaughts of these evils on our innocence by these depraved subhumans are horrendous to say the least. Their hands drip with the blood of the innocents; and the restless spirits of lives cut short will torment them until eternity.
How can one begin to make sense of these social menaces by Nigerians on Nigerians. These evils are the malignant cancers in the body of Nigeria.  The only cure for these madness is a surgical solution.

The acts of violence to accomplish a political goal is a crime.  Boko Haram have killed more than 1500 Nigerians in 2014 alone. And this is a conservative estimate. Boko Haram ranks second in the world terrorist group after Al-Qaeda.  School children, men and women, Muslim and Christians, young and old are not spared.  All these to impose Islam on Nigeria and the overly ambitious 'politicians' to gain political power by any means?  Does it even occur to these evils that the best and the only way to political power in this modern era is through the ballot? Does it occur to them that the scars they inflict on Nigeria will only make things worse for them?  Does it occur to them that it is a natural human reaction to rise up and bring this madness to an end with a vengeance?
The first step in our vengeance is at the ballot box.  Those who promised to make our lives miserable and our nation ungovernable have delivered on their threats. Without mincing words, we accept that they have succeeded in making our lives miserable.  The miseries of those families that have the lives of their loved ones cut short is also the miseries of all Nigerians. The young lives that were cut short.  The children that will not grow up to contribute to humanity and make Nigeria proud.  The parents that were mowed down and their children orphaned. The perpetrators of these evil acts and their sponsors will know no peace. This we know.
Unemployed Ragtag Terrorists:
Cowards hiding behind Masks.

Our democracy will take care of the business.  We will continue to remind Nigerians that these politicians have succeeded in making our lives miserable.  Therefore, they have nothing to give us that we want.  They will be soundly rejected time after time at the ballot box.  That is what our democracy is designed to do.  When all is over, the light with triumph over darkness.  The good will vanquish the evil.
Again, the solution to this madness is to identify the sponsors of these sociopaths and expose them.  Until we have the moral courage and the political will to confront these evils in our midst, Nigerians will continue to live in the shadow of terrorism for a long time to come.

These acts of deviant barbarism and primitive beliefs that practice human rituals for any reason has stunned all Nigerians and the World beyond imagination.  There are people whose main source of income and living are businesses in human parts and in concoctions made of human parts.  These social ills have further exposed the degeneration of the society value system to a whole new level.
Father used Son for Ritual
The houses of horrors in the South-west Nigeria attest to the desperation by humans to sacrifice fellow humans for personal enrichment. Innocent people are kidnapped.  Parents, families etc are on record to have engaged in the sacrifice of loved ones for human rituals. This moral degeneration has no place in modern civilization.

The Political Ramifications:
These vices have created a sociopolitical environment that will never augur well for any form of credible economic development. There can never by any investment, foreign or domestic that can prosper on a long-term basis in such environment. With terrorism in the North and ritualism in the south; and all the kidnappings for ransom; the environment of national insecurity can not nurture a vibrant economy.  Sadly, the roots of these vices emanated from the anemic economy that produced desperate citizens that would do anything for survival.  These social vices are the products of many years of uncommitted maladministration that left many Nigerians behind in the scheme of development. The administrations that were not equipped for prime time governance due to the mediocrity of leadership. The terrorism in the North has found fertile ground in the midst of jobless hands who could not afford a single meal a day. And the evil politicians that exploited the situation to fulfill their promises to make our lives miserable. In the South, we have desperadoes who want to get rich quick and get out of their economic dire straits either through rituals or kidnappings for ransoms. For how long will these madness continue?

Victim of Ritual
We must forget any form of negotiation with the terrorists. The solution to theses kinds of pathologic ideological beliefs is total annihilation. Nothing can appease these madmen and their sponsors. Like malignant cancer, complete surgical excision from the normal body tissue is the cure.  The terrorism can and will be crushed militarily with organized military operations and might; and with good intelligence.  For a long-term and lasting solutions, the sponsors of these terrorism must be identified, investigated and exposed immediately to save us from this inferno.  We will never forget those who threatened to make our nation ungovernable.

The Nigerian Congress must enact a law that  outlaw any form of terrorism (including Boko Haram), human rituals, kidnapping for ransoms and armed robberies; with a mandatory death penalty for the perpetrators

A permanent solution lies in a strong democratic institution that Nigerians must build. An institution that promote collective participation of all Nigerians and that is representative of all Nigerians. An institution that build an economy where all Nigerians have equal opportunities to be the best they can.  Unlike Dictatorships that suffocate, Democracy brings out the best in humanity. We have seen what several decades of dictatorships have wrought on our nation. The dictatorships destroyed the morality and it entrenched corruption.  Democracy will rebuild what dictatorships destroyed.

As we continue to lay the solid foundation for a strong Nigeria Democratic Institution, we are cognizant of the enemies within that will stand in the way of our progress.  We will continue to confront these enemies at every step.

Our democracy will grow; in spite of our enemies' determination to the contrary. We know this journey will not be easy.

It is a price we are ready to pay.

Nigeria shall emerge a stronger nation.......

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