Friday, January 8, 2016

$2.1bn Arms Probe: Buhari won’t interfere in Jafaru’s case — Presidency

Buhari is the worst thing to happen to our democracy. We don't buy this smokescreen. We are still early in this fight against corruption. It would be a long night. We'll probe all the ex dictators, including Buhari at the right time.
 That's what Buhari and his Gestapo alleged. Let's start the trials and open the cans of worms. Where on earth does the security vote (fund) meant for purchase of arms alone. Security funds are also used for media campaign and education. It could even be used to resettle displaced victims. America uses the security funds to construct roads, supply electricity, build hospitals, educate the masses and supply foods in the middle east. This dictator has destroyed our democracy. Let the trials begin for goodness sake.
 Buhari destroyed our democracy once. A crime that has no status of limitations. He's on track in his bastardization of our current democratic dispensation. Buhari cannot be a worthy custodian of our democracy.  Read more......

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