Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Crossroads: The Nigerian New Generation Versus The Old Generation

Nigeria: At The Crossroads
As Nigeria is emerging from the fangs and pangs of dictatorships and mediocre administrations; we look forward into the future with optimism. Nigeria was bedeviled by many decades of  autocratic leaderships that were not accountable to the people. The sordid states of the current Nigeria welfare  is a reflection of the ignominious qualities of Nigerian past leaderships. The instability in governance from series of inept administrations that had no mandate from the people and the entrenched impunity and corruption from self-described 'messiahs" had left Nigeria in the dust.

Nigeria never had a semblance of true democracy until 4 years ago. A democracy is a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. This is what we never had for 40+ years of dictatorships in Nigeria. Democracy has built the strongest world economies and it has fostered free enterprise through innovations. Democracy has lifted the standard of living all over the world.    

All these years, Nigeria was lorded by few Nigerians in uniforms parading themselves as experts in governance.  The rot that was bequeathed on us is what you get when the decisions are made by mediocre who could not even pass simple mathematics at ordinary level.  While it is disheartening that Nigeria is still groping for a democratic footing, we are hopeful that at the end of the day Nigeria will emerge as a strong nation and a beacon of hope for the Black race. To the naysayers, Nigerians will do the needful and make the right decisions, given a free and fair electoral process.

The Crossroads:
President Goodluck Jonathan
The date is set. Nigeria is at the crossroads. Nigerians are heading to the polls to chart the path to their futures.  We have been here before.  Except that this time the choice is between moving forward or going back to the same worn out strategies that never worked. The choice in this election is between the old generation that created the mess we are in today or the NEW generation of Nigerians that are laying the foundation for a modern Nigeria. We should remind Nigerians that democracy is the greatest political idea of our time; our arrival on world stage is better late than never.

Nigeria cannot afford to turn back the clock. There is no alternative to what we have.  This is the best opportunity Nigeria ever had in the past 40 years to move our nation forward. We applaud this administration for its focus on national development, despite all the distractions from national insecurity and the desperation of the enemies within that would rather keep Nigeria in perpetual slavery to the past.

It is a decision time.  The choice cannot be easier.  We must move forward.

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