Friday, March 27, 2015

The Eve of Nigerian Renaissance: A Vote of Confidence in President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan: Incumbent
March 28,2015 shall go down in Nigerian history as the day Nigerians made a fateful political decision.  After 55 years of Independence, the nation is still groping for self governance.  In 1966, just a few years after Independence from Britain on October 1960, the nation's democratically elected government was subverted by a group of young but misguided brigands. Nigeria has never known political peace ever since.  We have witnessed series of self-imposed dictatorships for most of the 55 years of Nigerian Independence. The era that entrenched impunity and corruption into Nigerian social and political consciousness. The era that was coauthored by the challenger in this election.
A truly democratic government in Nigeria is less than 5 years old under President Goodluck Jonathan.  This presidency has successfully laid the foundation of Nigerian democracy, and there is no turning back.  Our freedom of speech and association has never been this grand in Nigerian history, This freedom is the foundation on which a strong democratic process is laid. Thanks to Goodluck Jonathan.

The Era of Dictatorships is Over
At Center for Modern Nigeria, we cannot fathom the return of the coauthor of Nigerian dictatorships. Any Nigerian that had subverted our democracy in the past, either covertly or overtly should not be a champion of Nigerian democracy.A 'converted' Democrat is not what Nigeria needs or wants at this critical time in our checkered history. A desperate ex Dictator is without a doubt not what we want. Nigeria does not need a religious fundamentalist and a personification of Nigerian dictatorships..  
Ex Dictator: Mohammed Buhari: Challenger
While we embrace the concept of a multiparty political system, we want an opposition that is credible with manifestos that put Nigeria and Nigerians first.  Sadly, we don't have such credible opposition in this election. The political gang up to wrestle power by any means is unacceptable.  A 'converted' Democrat is a convenient democrat and not good enough for our nation. The echelon of this opposition is full of corrupt and incompetent political prostitutes that do not meant well of Nigeria.  Their self-centerdness is obvious from the wealth they have accumulated for themselves at the expense of ordinary Nigeria.
At Center for Modern Nigeria, we applaud the strides being made by this presidency.  Our freedom of speech and association is golden.  The transformation agenda is slow but steady. We will like to see this agenda gather steam after the elections.

Vote of Confidence in President Jonathan:
Goodluck Jonathan has never been a perfect man.  His humility and grace is what we need as a nation.  We have not witnessed a single political assassination during this political season nor the incarceration of any Nigerian for his or her political opinions. The ongoing national development programs are unequal. His response to the issues of nation insecurity was slow, it was well calculated and surgical. While our hearts still bleed for the fate of our abducted Chibok children and those innocent Nigerians whose lives were violently cut short, we strongly condemn those sponsors of these thugs for political gains.

The Choice:
This election is a choice between the Old Generation that created the mess we have today and the New generation of young and patriotic Nigerians that are rebuilding our nation from the ashes we inherited.  We want Nigerians to turn out en-mass to exercise their civic responsibility. The same rights that were denied us for many decades by dictatorships. We are at the crossroads.

Nigerian Renaissance: 
This election will mark the end of dictatorships in Nigeria and the emergence of Nigerian Renaissance. And the foundation of Nigerian democracy shall be solidified.  As a nation, we have come a long way.  Our emergence on the World stage as a democratic nation is late. We must emerge from the shadow of our terrible past of dictatorships.

It is better late than never. A Modern nation shall emerge.

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