Thursday, January 8, 2015

A RePost: A Generation of Scums: A Call for Obasanjo's Expulsion From PDP:

 As we prepare for the elections we  are increasingly becoming frustrated by the relentless assaults on a democratic system by non other than the ex Dictators that created the mess we are in today.  While one Dictator wants to return to power in Nigeria after several attempts and rejections at the polls by Nigerians; the other is spitting poisonous vitriol against an elected government in a desperation to scuttle the democratic process. 

At Center for Modern Nigeria, we call on all Nigerians to rise up to reject these Dictators in whatever form they rear their ugly heads. We have called for Obasanjo's expulsion from the political party in the past.  We are calling again for the expulsion of this man.

A Blog RePost: 
Ex-Dictator: Obasanjo
We have learnt that all efforts to appease Obasanjo by PDP are going nowhere.  He (Obasanjo) wants the President to stick to his one-term promise.  The appeasement of Obasanjo should and must stop henceforth. We want to remind the presidency that any (undemocratic) secret pact(s) made with Obasanjo or anybody will be declared null and void by the citizenry; the rightful electorate to decide who should represent them. We also want to remind Nigerians that the efforts to appease Obasanjo is not only illegal, it negates his (Obasanjo's) rights to join another political party that can accommodate his dictatorial stance on issues.  For crying out loud, there is no better time but now to sever the pathologic chords that bind dictatorships to our new democratic dispensation. Any association with dictatorship will always be a blight on our democracy. Our moral courage and the political will to move this democracy forward is being tested and retested by Obasanjo and his cronies. We are sick of these megalomaniacs that enslaved Nigeria for many decades.  
Ex-Dictator: Buhari
Every Dictator that has ever ruled Nigeria belongs to the generation of scums that stagnated our progress in Nigeria for many decades. Their generation will forever be remembered for the destruction they brought upon us. Nigeria is sorting itself out of the traumatic ruins after many years of dictatorships, inflicted by the brigands that took it upon themselves to trample upon the civil rights of the Nigerian citizens to be masters of their own destinies. They foisted themselves on us for many decades and they left us a nation titillating on the edge of a failed state. They plundered and they pillaged the economy and entrenched systemic corruption. In a different political setting, the likes of Obasanjo should never have the rights to have a say in this or any political system. Instead, past Dictators are not only parading themselves in the corridors of power in Abuja, they are scheming to be the next President of Nigeria !!!!.  Obasanjo is a dictator. He will always be a dictator.  There is no place for dictatorship in our current political system.  Any attempt by APC to field an ex-Dictator in 2015 will be soundly rejected at the ballot box.

The monopoly of the  political authority by Obasanjo and his cronies is over and he needs to accept the facts. We will not forget the endless list of executions of Nigerians by Dictators and the trail of unsolved political assassinations. For these Dictators to even nurse political ambition is preposterous. A return to mediocre governance that left Nigeria a socioeconomic and political wreck will not happen again.

The unwelcomed and annoying meddling in the affairs of the State by Obasanjo will be referred to the International Court of Justice for the record and legal review and for legal consultation and advice. 
President Jonathan Goodluck: A Democrat

Constitutional Democracy
Nigeria is now a constitutional democracy based on popular sovereignty.  The people are the ultimate authority.  
This presidency has performed honorably, given the rot inherited after many years of dictatorships including the eight years of Obasanjo's enthroned "presidency". The transparency and the credibility of this administration have surpassed what we have ever witnessed in our history.

Continued harassment of the presidency by Obasanjo is a subversion of our constitution and our young democracy.

With no further delay, Obasanjo should be expelled from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for his undemocratic, anti party and subversive activities.  

The rights of this President to seek re-election and the Nigerians to elect their leader(s) are sacrosanct.

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