Friday, January 2, 2015

A Generational Endorsement: The Re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigerians will be heading to the polls next month to elect their President. It is incumbent on all of us as Nigerians to exercise our civic responsibilities and fully participate in this duty.  Nigeria is the most
President Goodluck Jonathan
populous black African nation with unlimited human capital and natural resources.  The full potential of this great nation has not been realized due to multi factorial challenges.  It is disheartening that Nigerian political system has not been able to provide an enabling environment to spur the critical economic boom that we all want.  There can never be an economic prosperity in a political environment that is enmeshed in governance instability, national insecurity, systemic corruption, archaic infrastructures, poor educational system, poor social services and national moral decadence.

Nigeria became an Independent nation in 1960.  In 1966 Nigeria was thrown into political chaos following the truncation of an elected government, by a group of brigands through a coup d'etat. The slide to anarchy has not abated ever since.There were series of mediocre military administrations that fostered corruption and left Nigeria a shadow of what was meant to be; a glorious and an economic powerhouse. 
Nigeria never returned to a semblance of democracy until 4 years ago with the election of Goodluck Jonathan.
Nigerians are heading to the polls again in February 2015, to elect their president.

A Generational Decision:
At Center for Modern Nigeria, we endorse the reelection of President Goodluck Jonathan for a second term as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our decision is based on who Goodluck Jonathan is and what he is not. Without any doubt, we believe that Goodluck Jonathan never anticipated he would be saddled with the responsibilities he found himself with. He is not a professional politician with overly ambitious personal agenda.  He has carried the mantle of leadership as best he can with humility and grace.  His honesty of purpose and his commitments to the democratic ideas are unmistakable.  Goodluck Jonathan has never been a man without flaws and he has never laid claim to piety.
We are all disappointed by the response to the National insecurity especially with the kidnap of the Chibok girls.  We condemn this presidency's response to these dastard acts.  As commander in chief, the ball stops at his desk.  Regardless of the political undertone to the genesis of these security problems, a commander in chief should have done the needful to bring these girls home; and face the political consequences with dignity and without remorse.
We reject all manner of excuses proffered for the lackadaisical response to the issues of national insecurity. The expressed concerns for the safety of these girls and that the military barnstorming these thugs to  rescue these girls may lead to countless body bags of dead children are lazy excuses and unacceptable. Many of these girls are already dead. And many of their loved ones had perished from depression and heartaches. This incident will remain a blight on this presidency. The pain of these children shall haunt us forever.

This presidency has excelled in all other areas of governance.  We are proud of the transformation agenda and the progress being made on the economy, social services including health care, education and infrastructures.  Goodluck Jonathan is a Democrat.  A true and a better custodian of our freedom of speech and association.

There is no palatable alternative to this administration.  After decades of mediocre military dictatorships we cannot fathom an election of one of the biggest architects of Nigeria slides into perdition.  The truncation of an elected government in 1983 setback the progress of our democratic experiment by at least 20 years. To field the same principal of the antidemocratic forces for election is an indication of lack of sense of history. A dictatorship that was pervaded with gross violation of due process and entrenched corruption, belongs to the old generation.

This election is a choice between the old generation that created the mess we are in today and the new generation that is laying the foundation for a greater and better future.

The CHOICE is obvious.

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