Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nigerian Democracy: The Evolution

On February 14 2015, Nigerians will head to the polls to elect the President. It has been a long journey to this moment. Nigeria has been through many turbulent years and experienced series of questionable governance.  By every standard, our nation is grossly underdeveloped. Corruption and National insecurity and high unemployment continue to be the bane of our society. Poor infrastructures are the impediment to our development. Nigerians are suffering.

Now that the 2 major Nigerian political parties are set to head into the 2015 presidential election; it is an understatement to conclude that this is another critical election in the history of Nigeria. This is an election that may transform Nigeria into a mature democracy. Our evolution from many years of dictatorships that left our nation morally crumpled and severely and economically battered; to a young democracy with unlimited potential has given us another opportunity to attain our lofty destiny.
Goodluck Jonathan: PDP: Incumbent

Buhari Mohammed: APC: Challenger

The 2 candidates faced off in 2011 presidential election. While we are hopeful that Nigeria will come out a stronger Nation after this election, we are very leery about the diehards on both sides that may not accept the election outcome come what may.

Let the campaign begins.  Both candidates must bring their manifestos to the people on how to move our country forward. Democracies had built the world strongest superpowers and economies and had created better lives for the people.  Nigeria should not be different.  We must not look back at the past retrogressive years that denied us a place in the comity of progressive nations.  In stead, we must hope for the best; and we must come together as a people to lift our nation up.

We want to see a civilized campaign that are issue-based and that is devoid of venomous brinkmanship that may divide the nation or that may trigger violence.

At Center for Modern Nigeria, we want to remind Nigerians that in any democracy, there will be a loser and a winner in an election.  In every successful election, everyone is the WINNER and the Nation is stronger.

Let the PEOPLE decide.

May the best candidate wins. 

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