Saturday, September 20, 2014

Scotland Referendum: The Beauty of Democracy And A Teachable Moment For Nigeria.

Scotland stepped back from the brink of independence, but it emerges as a changed nation nonetheless after a dramatic and divisive referendum.
The official victory for the No side came after eight hours of vote counting in 32 local councils across Scotland, when the region of Fife turned in enough No votes to give a clear majority to the side that campaigned to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom.
We watched with admiration how the Scots conducted themselves during this sensitive and sometimes emotional process. 
Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond, a nationalist and the leader of the Scottish National Party made a strong and passionate case for the Scotland Independence. The Scottish and the entire World listened.  
Salmond said "........... "Each and every one of us has a job to do to convince our fellow citizens to vote by a majority for a new dawn for Scotland. A land of opportunity and also a land of fairness. So let's do it, and let's do it now.
"We need this, we need this to happen. This time isn't about me, it isn't about the SNP or the Labor party or the Tories or any political party. It's about you, it's about your family, your hopes, your ambitions. Don't let them tell us we can't. Let's do this now."
Scotland celebrates
Counter speech was made by Gordon Brown. Listen to Gordon Brown, the former British Prime Minister, ".................  To those people that have still got doubts and are wavering, people who were thinking about voting Yes yesterday but could be persuaded today, let us tell them about the real risks,'  This is not the fear of the unknown- this is now the risks of the known. An economic minefield where problems could implode at any time, and economic trapdoor down which we go from which we might never escape."
On September 18, 2014, the Scottish went to the poll PEACEFULLY as the World watched. The verdict. By 55% to 45%, a majority of voters rejected the possibility of Scotland breaking away and becoming an independent nation.
Nigeria Teachable Moment:
During all of the Scottish campaign for Independence:
  • It was never a 'do-or-die' or cut throat issue.  
  • There was no need to militarize the process. 
  • There were no threats or name-calling of others with counter opinions. .  
  • Nobody insulted David Cameron, the Prime Minister.
  • No "Boko Haram" or thugs rampaging the United Kingdom and kidnapping children and women. 
  • Nobody promised to make United Kingdom ungovernable regardless of the referendum outcome 
And Salmond conceded "......... We now have the opportunity to hold Westminster's feet to the fire on the 'vow' that they have made to devolve further meaningful power to Scotland, This places Scotland in a very strong position."
As in all elections or referendum, there will always be allegations of irregularities, Scotland referendum was not an exception. 
At Center for Modern Nigeria, a United Nigeria is non-negotiable.  Those with myopic view of the current political situation in Nigeria must take a deep breath and think again.  A United Nigeria is a stronger nation, economically and politically.  In spite of the current political situation, Nigeria will emerge a stronger nation
Scotland has again thought us that Democracy cannot be more beautiful 

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