Wednesday, April 9, 2014

From The Heart of President Jonathan: A Solemn Promise

President Goodluck Jonathan: A Democrat
While receiving the report of the National Stakeholders Forum on Electoral Reform recently, President Goodluck Jonathan said these:

“Although we took oath of office and the Supreme Court declared us winners, but each time one traveled abroad, people asked all kinds of questions that even got one angry. That was when I promised myself that if I have an opportunity to oversee elections in Nigeria, no other President or Vice President should suffer that can kind of harassment and embarrassment by the international community,”
Then he went on to say this:

“That is why I said nobody should manipulate elections for me in the 2011 elections, even though I was candidate. That my ambition and the fate of the country are two different things, the interest of the nation is much more superior to any other ambition and I kept faith with that. At the end of the election, it was accepted by local and international observers. And I promise that 2015 elections will be better,”

And he also said this:

“We need this body so that people who commit electoral offenses will not get away with them. After elections, the matter goes to the tribunal. The only person who loses is the person who contested that election. Any other person who committed all kinds of atrocities gets away with it as nobody punishes him/her. That is why we continue to have that kind of impunity,” 

Ex Dictator: Obasanjo

Ex Dictator: Buhari
These statements coming from the mouth of the President of the most populous Black African Nation is an exposition of what is in his heart.  These statements were solemn vows he made to himself and to his Maker.
The evils were perpetrated by those that imposed themselves on us through dictatorships and brought our nation to her kneels. We became a maligned nation in the eyes of the world by the recklessness of successive tyrants that entrenched systemic corruption and selfishly enriched themselves.

These same dictators are scheming to become the next president of this Republic and others are 'strategizing' to upend our democracy and to enthrone their choice of candidates on us.

All past Nigerian Dictators should be expelled from all political parties and banned from political activities for peace to reign supreme in our nation. They have nothing but destruction to offer us. We will never be bitten twice.  We await the time when Nigeria will have the political will to bring these bigoted tyrants to justice.  We will begin the justice at the ballot box.

Our Democracy will outlast these Dictators.

We share the pain of this president. 

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