Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chartered Jets: Diezani, NNPC GMD Shun Reps' Queries

The report reaching the public is that the Petroleum Minister and the NNPC Group Managing Director shunned the Reps. in the ongoing investigation into the excesses at the NNPC. We implore all those concerned to fully cooperate with this investigation and not politicize it.   This investigation is in the best interest of Nigeria and the public.  It is consistent with the principle of transparency and the freedom of information acts.  The general public will hold to high esteem and to high moral standard all public officials elected or appointed.
We want the investigation committee to avoid any shadow of politicization of this investigation.  All should know that the ongoing development is part of the dividends of our democratic dispensation.  Gone are the days when a Dictator can wave his hands and make these issues disappear.  In a democracy, these issues will not go away.  It will get worse by the day with any arrogance or failure to cooperate.

We call on the Minister and the Managing Director to avail themselves to this committee to avoid activation of subpoena.  A subpoena is the next legal step should we fail to hear from our honorable minister and the Managing Director.

As this administration continues to lay the foundation for a truly democratic environment through transparency with integrity, we must all rise up to support the efforts. 

No one is above Nigeria. No one.

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