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Bukola Saraki: A Dynasty That Never Was

    Bukola Saraki: A litany of Failures
    It is a general saying that a family's wealth and/or prosperity does not last beyond generations in Africa. The generation that built the wealth or prosperity and the one that squandered it. In other civilizations, wealth is passed from generations to generations. It is often bequeathed to the general population through charitable organizations. Many of these wealth are established as foundations to benefit the society.

    Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American and a pioneer of American steel industrial revolution in the 19th century. He rose from a $2.50 a week job as a boy to become one of the wealthiest of his generation.  The American steel industrial revolution marked the turning point in American new age industrialization. He spent his last years as a Philanthropist with many foundations in his name.
    John D Rockefeller

    John D Rockefeller was an American business magnate and a philanthropist who made his wealth in oil business. As a boy he worked as a bookkeeper on 50 cent a day paycheck. His oil business signaled the boom in American energy production and the explosion in transportation. He died and left his wealth to his family and foundations named after him

    Alfred Nobel was a Swedish inventor of Dynamite who became wealthy.  When his brother's death in 1888 was erroneously reported as his death with scathing obituary for his invention, (the report read: "The merchant of death is dead, "Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.")  Alfred was disappointed and disgruntled with what he read and concerned with how he would be remembered. He sought a way to do good with his fortune. He bequeathed to humanity through his foundation all his wealth with the Nobel Peace Prize.

    These are the legacies passed from generations to generations.  They are what dynasties are made of.

    In Nigeria of today, we can hardly point to a credible foundation from the wealth of a family that benefits the population.

    Instead, we have family squabbles over the leftovers of the legacies.

    We remember with nostalgia Dantata, SB Bakare, Sir. Ojukwu etc.

    A Dynasty That Never Was

    In a dynasty, there is a succession or sequence of political power or wealth from one generation to the next.. We have not seen these in our system. A talk of Saraki Dynasty in Kwara State is not only a pipe dream, it never existed. There was never a Saraki Dynasty in Kwara State Political landscape.  We only have a rouge politician trying to stay relevant while his time runs out.

    Bukola Saraki's Litany of Failures
    When Pa. Dr. Olusola Saraki introduced Societe Generale Bank to Nigeria, we thought a new era of International Banking had arrived.   Until, Bukola came in to wreck this fine banking institution. So we were wrong.  The curse of the patriarch will come to pass.

     In another clime, Bukola's failure at the Societe Generale Bank should have disqualified him for any political office.  We saw what happened in Kwara State under his governorship. Another failure.  Kwara State became Bukola's personal property and has become one of the most backward states in the Nigerian federation; while Bukola Saraki got richer.
    Gbemisola Saraki
    Regardless of the status of limitations; the investigation of what happened at Societe Generale Bank and in Kwara State under Bukola Saraki governorship will be investigated to the fullest extent.  For the sake of those investors that lost their investments in this Bank and the poor people of Kwara State there were misgoverned and exploited, Bukola Saraki must give a full account of his activities during these periods.

    John D Rockefeller once said "If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it"

    In the meantime, we call on Bukola Saraki to vacate his seat at the senate immediately. With so much time wasted on politicking and not doing the work of the people that sent him to Abuja, he has failed as a senator.  Bukola's defection to another political party has disqualified him to remain in the senate. He abandoned those that sent him to Abuja and he abandoned the political party that gave him the platform.  

    Bukola Saraki no longer has the constitutional authority to conduct any business on behave of the people of Kwara State.
    We count on Gbemisola to redeem the honor of this family before all hopes are lost.

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