Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Crimes of Buhari

General Buhari
An ex-Dictator
If the thought of an ex-dictator returning to power in Nigeria is not repulsive and repugnant even under the cloak of democracy, then Nigerians must have short attention span.  Remember what they say about Dictators.  Once a Dictator, always a Dictator. The last ex-dictator that returned to power under the cloak of democracy bequeathed a rot and a trail of unsolved political assassinations to his successors; and a moribund populace. OBJ administration was an extension of prior military dictatorships,  Now he wants to claim to be a "Mr. Know All". A president by proxy. A typical streak of Dictators.  
This we all know. There has been no political assassinations on President Jonathan's watch, nor any political incarceration without due process. GEJ's only crime could as well be his geopolitical origin and seen as a minority tribe. An Ijaw man.
GEJ has promoted freedom of speech and  association as never seen in Nigeria before his presidency.  He has been compliant with the judiciary injunctions unlike his predecessors.  GEJ's respect for the rule of law is unequal among Nigerian leaders past and present. The entrenched tradition of corruption that was inherited by this administration will take time to tame.  The transformation agenda is laying the foundation for a brighter future for Nigeria.
With political stability and a vibrant democracy that is transparent and that respects the rights of all Nigerians access to equal representation, the foundation of a Modern Nigeria is being laid.
Prof. Soyinka 

Never again should we allow Dictators to assume political power in Nigeria.....Never Again.

"The Crimes of Buhari"......Prof. Soyinka writes.
Nigerians must read this.... read more

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