Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nigeria at a Political Crossroads

Dr. Goodluck E Jonathan
President Goodluck E Jonathan 
As we nurture our young democracy, there will be challenges and distractions. There are those who want changes to be immediate and for things to get better overnight. We all wish that could happen. Sadly, it does not work that way. There are those who want things done their ways or the highway. Sadly, it does not work that way either. A democratic institution is a process that evolve over years of arduous and painstaking capable leadership. After many years of dictatorship and governance that were not accountable to the citizenry, we are beginning to witness what is close to a democratic process. Kudos to Mr. President.

The seeds of corruption that has been sown over years have grown into a poly-headed monster that will take time to tame.
After elections we must band together to make the system works for all Nigerians.
We can only have one President at a time; who must enjoy our support as soon as the elections are over. What we see today, is electioneering immediately after the elections that is characterized by series of legal challenges, name calling and party switching.
OBJ's letter to the President is a blessing in disguise. While the ex-president does not have the moral rights to raise all the issues that he raised, as he should look at the mirror to see himself. However, freedom of expression is guaranteed in all democracies. OBJ had more opportunities to set Nigeria unto a path of prosperity with credible policies that create enabling environment; but instead he bequeathed a rot to his successors.

This administration is a huge step forward in our democratic process. While the system is not perfect, it is certainly a relief to finally have a leader who does not claim to be "Mr. Know-all".

We would like Mr. President to take a few gutsy decisions as evidence of his efforts to address corruption and security problems among others:
  •  Aviation minister needs to be sanctioned. Or she should own up and accept the responsibility for what happened under her watch and resign. She could be reassigned by Mr. President.
  • The ongoing investigation into the allegation of security threats and the 'political watch list' and sniper training is the right thing to do. This investigation should be time-limited and all those that have relevant information should be interviewed.

We are waiting for the findings.

The ongoing political realignment is a product of democracy. The next election will be a choice between a new generation of leaderships that want to move this country forward with a transformation agenda, or the same old generation that led us into the current rot. Nigerians are smart to make the right choice. The good thing is that we would not be worried about dictatorial annulment.
Vice President Namadi Sambo

The dividend of democracy and its beauty is that nobody goes to jail or incarcerated without due process for writing an obnoxious, inciting and subversive letter to the President. We think our democracy is finally here......
At Center for Modern Nigeria, we believe that we can only have one president at a time in Nigeria.  When the elections are over, we must all rally round our elected leaders and join hands in the business of nation-building.  While constructive criticism is a critical piece of a vibrant democracy, a blanket condemnation of our elected officials are counterproductive.  Nigeria is at a political crossroads,  The choice is crystal clear. To move forward with the transformation agenda or backwards to the same old system that led us into this mess.

An ode to Jonathan.

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