Friday, January 3, 2014

APC: The Art of 'Political Prostitution'

It is interesting to see the sworn political enemies banding together in a desperate efforts to torpedo
APC leadership
an administration that has successfully launched the nation on a path to greatness. As an unapologetic advocate of support for this administration, we believe that elected leaderships deserve supports of all its citizens including that of the opposition, in nation building as soon as the elections are over.  After every election, all citizens must come together as One Nation, under God, to ensure good and effective governance. Constructive criticisms and journalism are critical to a vibrant and a progressive democracy.  All political decisions must be made with the interest of the nation in the forefront.
What we are seeing are strange bedfellows of sworn enemies who are hell bent on discrediting peoples' government.  This administration is in no way a perfect one.  But there is no where in Nigeria history have we had an open government where there are so much freedom of expression and association as this one. We owe this administration appreciation and gratitude for the faithful stewardship of our young democracy.
After many years of entrenched corruption and plundering by dictatorships that are not accountable to the people, it will take some time to dig our-selves out of the deep hole we inherited.
  • All Progressives Congress (APC) will do justice to themselves and to all Nigerians by coming up with an agenda that can compete with the ongoing transformation agenda and that are acceptable to Nigerians.
  • The ongoing defections and realignments expose the hypocrisy of these politicians as ones who would do anything for political survival and to remain relevant.  Even when it takes mortgaging their conscience and beliefs.  
  • These brands of politicians are definitely not good for Nigeria democracy and certainly not good for the citizens.
  • These acts of "political prostitution" have exposed the flawed characters of these self-absorbed politicians. They will certainly become politically irrelevant after the next elections.
  • We respect their freedom of association.  It is democracy in ACTION.

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