Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nigeria: On the Road to Redemption

On January 15, 1966, the first shot was fired by a bunch of young renegade Nigerian Army officers in what was to become the first Nigeria military coup; thus began our sad journey to perdition. The period that will remain in infamy. The events of that miserable night as they unfolded began the spinning of the wheel of Nigeria political and the economic mayhem for many years. The reasons given by these renegades were the political chaos in certain part of the country, the government corruption and the military responsibility to
Former/late President Musa Yar'Adua
stabilize the nation.  These bunch of renegades inadvertently signaled Nigeria's failure at the first challenge of her young democracy.  Our democracy was aborted prematurely.  Nigeria has never recovered from this audacious and misplaced intervention. From 1966 to 1979 and then from 1983-1999, Nigeria witnessed series of coups and counter-coups under cover of all kinds of flimsy excuses. The end result was a country battered into a soulless nation and  nation condemned into a seemingly eternal social and economic damnation. We are witness to corruption and political chaos during successive military coups and dictatorships on a magnitude unfathomable. These dictators fattened on a bleeding nation with wanton disregard for human rights and dignity. Nigeria treasury was plunder with impunity by the self-styled anti corruption crusaders. The political and social orders were bastardized with arrogance and use of terrorism.
In civilized nations, political, social and economic problems or crises are resolved through a democratic process at the ballot box or in a referendum. Regardless of the election problems or dysfunctional administration, a democratic process is designed to evolve through series of faltering but calculated steps and evolution before it emerges into a matured democracy. We saw these processes nurtured in older democracies in the western hemispheres. History have clearly revealed that undemocratic and or violent changes of elected representative governments without the benefits of negotiation or the electorates say so, are primitive and barbaric, and often lead to the emergence of despots and tyrants. Nigeria is still reeling from the mayhem after many years dictatorships by those who hijacked our young democracy.

Those officers that took it upon themselves to abort our young democracy at its infancy inflicted a gross injustice on the nation and delivered this nation into the pangs of atrocious and villainous scoundrels. They should not be celebrated as heroes or saviors as few did, because they were not. History has proven that these bunch of traitors launched Nigeria on the sad and pathetic road to perdition.

The annulment of June 12 1993 election was another in a series of crimes against humanity, committed by these renegades scoundrels that swore to protect and uphold Nigerian constitution. With a moribund nation and a Nigerian population in a state of despondency, Nigeria was returned to a 'smoke-screened democracy' with a  military stooge, an ex-dictator enthroned as the 'president'.  They could not handover the reign of power to a democratically elected civilian who won a fair and most credible election. Instead, they installed a proxy in an sinister efforts to undermine our future and to continue to bleed a dying nation.

Between 1999-2007, Nigeria witnessed an extension of the military dictatorship under the guise of a "democracy" that left us with an astounding high level of gross and naked corruption, total disregard for the rule of law and the constitution and a trail of unsolved political assassinations.  

Nigeria was never to return to the closest thing to a "democracy" until Musa Yar'Adua was sworn in as the elected president on May 29, 2007 .

The assumption of power on May 6, 2010 by Goodluck E Jonathan marked the beginning of Nigeria courageous match towards political, social and economic redemption.  The rot that was bequeathed to this administration by successive prior dictatorships was humongous.

Shamelessly, these same ex-dictators that plunged this nation into chaotic political, social and economic dire straits are parading themselves on the streets of Abuja and in the corridors of power and voicing opinions on matters of the nation. Some are even holding or aspiring to seek elective offices.  In a civilized nation, these villains are locked up in jails or banned for life from holding elective offices or worse; for their atrocious disdain for humanity.

President Goodluck Jonathan
With the ongoing transformation agenda in a democratic environment, and the leadership that is responsive to its citizens, Nigeria is truly on the path to her redemption and modernization. The respect for the freedom of speech and association by this administration is unsurpassed in the history of Nigeria.

Emerging opposition through an ongoing defections and realignment is a distraction but a critical part of a democratic process.  The electorates must and will have a clear choice in 2015.

The choice is between moving forward on the road to political, social and economic redemption and a brighter future or going backwards with the old guards.  

The CHOICE is crystal clear.  The race is on......

Nigerians will decide in 2015.

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