Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An Open Letter to President Jonathan: Of Political Defections and the Classless Bunch of Leeches

Dear Mr. President,
 It has been a season of letter writing.  I will like to submit my piece before the party is over.  The jamboree started by OBJ will not be over until it's over. The genie has been let loose and the end is
Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and Barak Obama of United States
certainly not near. It is all good for our democratic process. I believe that OBJ has done the Nation a favor with his letter to the president by his (OBJ's) miscalculation.  By his letter, he has triggered an avalanche and the whole world has seen an hypocrisy beyond imagination. He has exposed himself to scrutiny as a fair game.  His status as an elder statesman has diminished.  OBJ must retire from partisan politics to maintain the shred of credibility he has left.
Nigeria must take cues from older democracies to escape the pitfalls of maladministration or thereof.  We don't  hear of ex-prime ministers or ex-presidents in Britain, Germany, Canada, France or the United States of America, meddling covertly or overtly in the affairs of the current administrations without consultation. OBJ's behavior has no precedent. OBJ's efforts to remain relevant is a dangerous phenomenon and a threat to our young democracy.  However, when all is said and done, OBJ will disappear into oblivion and he will become history.
What our young democracy needs at this time are young generation of Nigerians who will lead the Nation on the path to brighter future and prosperity. Not these bunch of old greedy cargoes that fattened themselves on the back of a bleeding nation.  I must state that this present Nigeria administration is not perfect. This administration has not claimed to be perfect; unlike all previous dictatorships including OBJ's administration; a dictatorship by proxy. The inherited issues of naked corruption with disastrous economic implications, national insecurity and its social implications, moribund educational and health care systems, primitive highway networks, epileptic power generation to mention just a few must be addressed as a matter of urgency.  There are works to get done.

Dear Mr. President, there is no need to personalize negative comments on the social media against your person.  These are the signs of the time and things democracy are made of. There is no way to prevent this from happening; and there is nothing you or anybody can do about it.  Freedom of expression is part of our new democratic ideals. Unless you surround yourself with sycophants, you will hear and read a lot of ugly stuffs through the media. It is better to treat these comments as feedback and utilize them as policy making ideas. Our harshest critics could also be our best teachers. The Tea Party have done worse to the United States president. President Obama has been called worse unprintable names and even threatened.  He brushes everything off and continue to struggle to be a better person and a better president. Without any doubt, this administration will go down in history as the most tolerant of dissenters and the one that led us onto the path to true democracy and modern Nigeria.  
Jonathan on a campaign trail 2010

Dear Mr. President, the ongoing defections are part of democracy, except for the crudity of approach and the lack of sophistication and its crassness. They are defected and dejected members of PDP. These defectors have no patriotic ideologies nor national interests in their hearts as impetus for what they do.  Instead, their selfish personal interests and the self-centered and deep throat benefits of their positions dictate their allegiance and political affiliations and directions. Their defections are blessings to Peoples Democratic Party. These kind of people are the enemies and the canker-worms within that destroy the fabrics of a good political party.  I have not lost any sleep over these bunch of classless leeches. They are morally bankrupt and blood suckers looking for fertile grounds to continue with their mischievous ambitions. A political prostitution to say the least. Their freedom of association is respected and guaranteed in the constitution. We should instead wish their defections to All Progressives Party (APC) a good radiance. Sadly, they will return home eventually, like prodigal sons, as soon as their political capital are exhausted and they outstay their welcome in their new home.  And when they return, we shall welcome them back under the big umbrella.  After all, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is one big family. A part of me would like to expel them from PDP permanently except that will run counter to our religious teachings.

However, since these defectors were holding the elective offices on PDP platforms, it is logical to declare their seats vacant. Their denial of PDP seats in the government is not a fair representation.  A new election must be organized to give PDP the opportunity to field new generation of dedicated candidates. Until then, no decisions in both houses will be binding without PDP representations in both arms of the house.

Dear Mr. President, it is prudent to formally announce your intention(s) for 2015.  You have the constitutional right to run for reelection.  You are not Nelson Mandela.  And South Africa is not Nigeria.  Both the political and social scenario are poles apart.  OBJ has made your decision much easier. OBJ's blackmail and harassment are challenges to our young democracy.  We are waiting for the formal announcement.

Dear Mr. President, failure to run for reelection in 2015 will make you a quitter and a whimp.

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