Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We Are Taking Urgent Action To Sanitise Defence Procurements – Buhari

Muhammed Buhari
"“They just put foreign exchange in a briefcase and travelled to procure equipment for the military......"
This is what Buhari said. As long as this man does not see anything good in others, we'll never see anything good in him. Buhari and his Arewa Elders accused Nigerian Government and the Army of human rights violations that resulted in all kinds of useless sanctions on military hardware on Nigeria. Nigerian Government sourced enough firepower from anywhere they could to take the fights to the thugs. And they succeded. Buhari has no moral rights. What was his budget for the military hardware when he was the dictator? We want to know. Can someone plz request for this information from the Defense Ministry under FOI Act.?  Read more...

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