Monday, December 21, 2015

Inadequate Funding, Corruption Holding Defence Industry Down

Nigeria: Dicon
"The don expressed regret that the 51-year-old Defense Industries Corporation (DICON), established in 1964, was producing only bullets, dicon salt and furniture. According to him, its counterparts in Brazil and India are producing aircraft and Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)."
This is the shame Buhari and his generation of Dictators brought upon us. Those countries mentioned are democracies and they benefited from the dividend of the democratic process......DEVELOPMENT. How much did all the dictators budget for Defense Research and Development during their rules of dictatorships? How much is the budget for Defense Research and Development in the upcoming 2016 budget.?
We must resist all efforts by this APC administration to return our nation to that dark era of mediocrity. We'll continue this conversation on how to move our nation forward. Read more...

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