Friday, December 11, 2015

Renewable Power Solution’ll Underdevelop Africa —Ayade

Gov Ayada

With due respect to this governor, we cannot be left behind AGAIN in the dust. America with its huge reserve of hydrocarbon energies, is leading the way on renewable energies. Like it or not, renewable energy is the future. The next frontier.  No one says we must stop the use of other energy sources. Once upon a time, our main modes of transportation were trekking (footwagon), horses and camels until internal combustion and jet propulsion were invented. The world is moving on with renewable energies. We either join the race or we are left in the dust AGAIN.
This world is a global village where communal collaboration leads to success. I'm glad we all adopted the internet and other technologies without much protest. We must avoid us-against-them paranoia so we can remain competitive. We can keep our non-renewable energies like the rest of the world while we also join the race on renewables. The race is on.   Read more >>>>>

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