Friday, December 11, 2015

Arms Scandal: Jonathan's Govt Spent Billions, Abused Trust...... Buhari

President Buhari
Electioneering is over.  It is time to start real business of the people.  We are dismayed that  the ghost of past administration continues to haunt this APC administration. We have a litany of abuses by the dictatorships that plagued Nigeria for decades. 
The ongoing fight against corruption is the right thing to do, as long as it is non-selective.  We advise this APC administration to recoup the stolen money if it can without witchunt and with due process. But there is no greater abuse of trust than the 45 yrs of dictatorships and the entrenched impunity and corruption by the dictators. Who can forget Buhari's and Arewa Elders defense of Boko Haram to pull down a Nigerian government? Buhari cannot exonerate himself from the mess we are in today.
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