Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Nigerian Naked Emperor Part II: Nigerian Presidency and the Chibok Children: A Nigeria Blasphemy

This is a follow up to: The Nigerian Naked Emperor And the Silver Lining for President Jonathan >>Read

President Goodluck and the Chibok Children
President Goodluck finally met the victims (families and their children) of the dastard acts by the thugs and pedophiles called Boko Haram, exactly 99 days after the fact. Since this crisis began on April 14 2014, we have watched in total disbelief and utter horror the response of this presidency to the plights of these children and the ineptitude of the security services to bring them home. It is an under statement to state that the failure of this presidency and the security services and the Nigerian Military in particular during this difficult period has crippled our faith in the Nigerian democratic project. A nation that has grossly failed her children on this scale, is not worthy of recognition in a comity of civilized nations. That our children remain in the clutches of these thugs and pedophiles is a blasphemy. In a nation that has a standing Army, this experience has ridiculed the nation in the eyes of the entire World.   It is better for this presidency to accept its failure and seeks redemption through both proactive and reactive strategies to the issues of national security. Proffering excuses for this humongous failure make the nation look bad. Really bad.
At Center for Modern Nigeria, we saw a political undertone to the genesis of this crisis.  We have never doubted, for a moment that these thugs and pedophiles have sponsors among the ambitious political oligarchs who want to subvert our young democracy.  These selfish imbeciles have gone so low in their clandestine ambitions. They have chosen to sacrifice our children in their gluttonous quest for political powers. The damage done to these children and to the nation is beyond imagination. Our nation shall forever be haunted by the traumatic experience of these children.  We as a people can never justify our failure to protect our innocent ones.

This presidency has danced to the macabre tune of its nemesis. And in so doing has fallen victim to the capricious plots of its political enemies. The era of this presidency is forever tainted by its incompetence on national security.

This belated meeting by the presidency is not honest and we are not fooled. The only silver lining for this presidency is the absence of an alternative credible political party.  Nigeria will never accept the current opposition as it is.  We will not embrace an opposition headed by a bunch of Dictators. Nigeria will not go back to the dark ages of mediocre and dictatorial governance.

All the socioeconomic progress this administration is making to propagate our young democracy amount to nothing if our Children are not safe and or cannot be protected by their government.

At Center for Modern Nigeria we expect this presidency to have the political will to put its house in order:
  • All the Advisers to this President need to be reshuffled or resign their posts.
  • All the Heads of the Security Services including the Military should resign immediately for their failures during this crisis.
  • All the victims of this crisis must be provided with economic support and rehabilitation services.
  • These children must we awarded full academic scholarships up to tertiary education.
  • This administration must muster the political will and expose the suspected sponsors of these thugs for prosecution.
If this President has any confidence left in his political advisers and the chiefs of the security services including the Military, then he remains a Naked Emperor blinded by the sycophants that surround him.
Any president or human being that sleep well at night while these children remain in the clutches of these pedophiles must be psychopathic. The sponsors of these thugs are subhumans.

This administration has failed on the issues of national security..

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