Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Governor Kayode Fayemi: A Democrat is Born: A Clear Demonstration of Nobility.

Governor Kayode Fayemi
Ekiti State
In the just concluded gubernatorial election in Ekiti State, the unexpected happened.  It was not the upset victory by the challenger, but rather the displayed courage by the Incumbent. The Nigeria political environment has not changed much since independence. There are always incidents of thuggery and hooliganism by the competing political parties in the run up to the elections and the post election elections violence are always the traditions. What has happened since the conclusion of this Ekiti election is a testament to the dramatic evolution of the Nigerian political landscape for good.  No other person can take credit for this positive development other than Governor Kayode Fayemi.
Governor Kayode Fayemi's acceptance of the outcome of the election result and his concession has left many dumbfounded. By this singular act of magnanimity, Governor Fayemi has created a spot for himself in the history of Nigerian politics. We were expecting an avalanche of acrimonious challenges to this election and counter accusations of  irregularities from the loosing candidate and possible extended legal wranglings.  What we got was a swift acceptance and concession speech from this Governor. 

By this act, the Governor has made himself a winner in this election. This man is the champion for Nigerian Democracy. The political career of this man has just begun.  He has endeared himeslf to the hearts and minds of all Nigerians. Governor Kayode Fayemi is a living prove that Nigeria democracy has arrived. His nobility of character has made him the people's champion. He is the Nigerian political Gladiator:

The speech: 
Yesterday, Ekiti State decided. Following the gubernatorial elections held in the land of honour, Ekiti State, Nigeria, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has officially returned the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as the winner of the election.
If indeed this is the will of the Ekiti People, I stand in deference to your will. If the result of the elections is an expression of the voice of our people, we must all heed your voice.
I have just spoken with my brother, Mr. Peter Ayodele Fayose, congratulating him on his victory. In a few hours from now, I would be meeting the Governor-elect to discuss the future of our dear state and how we would work together to institute a smooth transition programme.
It has been a hard fought election. As expected, in the course of the campaigns, there were unsavory episodes as the candidates toured the nooks and crannies of the state to sell ourselves to the people. Elections tend to be highly divisive affairs that often see brother rising against brother. Despite our diverse party affiliations, and regardless of which way we voted on Saturday, we must remember that we are all sons and daughters of Ekiti State. Ekiti is ours to build together.
On our part, over the course of the campaigns, we presented our scorecards before the people of Ekiti State. We never at any point took your support for granted. We campaigned, we canvassed and we traversed the nooks and crannies of this State. Our performance and achievements in office will remain the backdrop against which the next government and indeed future governments will be assessed. We are proud that with the support of Ekiti people, we have raised the bar of excellence in governance. In all, we gave our best, for conscience and for posterity.
Indeed a new sociology of the Ekiti people may have evolved. However, the task of understanding how the outcome of this election has defined us as a people will be that of scholars. For us as an administration and a cadre of political leaders in Ekiti State, we have fought a good fight, we have kept faith.
To members of our party, our campaign team and indeed all Ekiti people who defied the siege on our state to cast their votes for our party, I salute your exemplary courage and doggedness in the face of harassment. Thank you for staying the course. The incidences of brazen harassment, intimidation and allied infractions on fundamental human rights, which many of you suffered in the hands of agents of the state, would be documented and communicated to the appropriate authorities, for the records.
I thank you all for listening.
May God bless the land of honour, Ekiti State, Nigeria.
May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Dr. Kayode Fayemi
Governor, Ekiti State
Sunday, June 22, 2014

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