Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bukola Saraki: The Defense Mechanisms of Pathologic Behaviors

Bukola Saraki:
At a recent  Kwara South Youth Interactive Summit in Ilorin; Bukola Saraki through his Chief of Staff, Gbenga Makanjuola urged the Jonathan administration to account for the alleged missing $20 billion and N620 billion kerosene subsidy in Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). He went on to say  that  "The steel industry has never taken off in spite of the fact that major steel projects in Ajaokuta, Aladja and Osogbo were initiated since 1979. The textile industry that was the largest employer of labor is now in comatose. Manufacturing has lost its importance in Nigeria, as the country is now importing every manner of products, thereby leading to retrenchment of workers. Corruption is another major problem that has to be tackled. With incessant reports of unabated level of oil theft and bunkering, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC) is yet to account for the revenues that come in."
Defense Mechanisms

Psychiatry describes  Defense mechanisms as  one way of looking at how people distance themselves from a full awareness of unpleasant thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
Reading through this statement, we are amused by the depth of the psychosis this statement has exposed. This smacks on a typical self-defense by a kleptomiac to justify his morbid behavior.  Kleptomania is the inability to refrain from the urge to steal items for reasons other than personal use or financial gain. What this statement revealed is that; if you accused me of this level of corruption, what about this and that committed by you?  With the series of failures of Bukola Saraki related to financial improprieties, his penchant for constant craving for financial acquisition at the mercy of the poor and the general population is a serious pathological behavior.
Denial and Rationalization are defense mechanisms commonly used by career criminals to justify their criminality.  
Denial is the refusal to accept reality or fact, acting as if a painful event or behavior, thought or feeling did not exist. It is considered one of the most primitive of the defense mechanisms because it is characteristic of early childhood development.
 Rationalization is putting something into a different light or offering a different explanation for one’s perceptions or behaviors in the face of a changing reality.
Societe Generale Bank
Bukola Saraki in a state of constant denial and he has never accepted responsibility for the insolvency of Societe Generale Bank and all the capital lost by the investors.  He has neither admitted his failures has the Governor of Kwara State including all the shady investments and missing public funds.
Instead, Bukola Saraki is shifting blames on everybody else including the Nigeria Federal Government.  This level of psychosis and depravity by someone that is a purported community/political leader is an evidence of every thing that is wrong with Nigeria. With this kind of man in a leadership position, there is no future for Kwara State and its citizens.
Bukola Saraki has further incensed the people of Kwara State with this arrogance and his misplaced and maddening lordship over its people.
As we said before; Bukola Saraki no longer has the political or moral authority to conduct any congressional business on behalf of the people of Kwara State, since his defection. We therefore call for his resignation from the National Assembly.
We will investigate the collapse of Societe Generale Bank and the missing capitals for the sake of those that lost their investments in this bank.  We will look into all the shady investments and missing capital under his governorship of Kwara State.

Accountability and transparency are critical to our democratic process. The people hold the monopoly of political authority.

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