Saturday, April 26, 2014


President Barack Obama
Dear Mr. President:
As the leader of the free World, we have watched your leadership with pride and satisfaction.  You stood up for the Syrian Children during the gassing episode by the Syrian Dictator; you took the campaign against terrorism right to them where they called home with a vengeance. The terrorists are on the run whenever your name is mentioned. You championed the cause of middle-class, minorities including women and children like no other president before you. To those of us that joined your campaigns and voted in both elections, you made us proud.

Less than 2 weeks ago, about 200 children, our children were snatched from their school in Nigeria by some hoodlums called Boko Haram and are taken into the forest.  This development is beyond our imagination. We know this horrendous crime and situation will come to an end one way or the other. Sooner than later.  While we hope for the best, we are prepared for the worst. We are prepared for a violent end to this madness. Negotiations with these lunatics are out of the question. Their dogma are beyond human decency. Every passing day that our children remain in this forest, in the clutches of these lunatics, is a race against time.
The conditions and the welfare of these children are our utmost concern.  We want our children home immediately.

What do we want from the White House?
1) We want the voice and the face of the leader of the free World on the plights of our children. Please say something to the parents. All Nigerians become the parents of these children until they are back home safe and sound.
2) Technical support: Our brave men and women in Uniforms have performed well in defending our freedom all over the world.  We do not expect any American boot on the ground in this fight.  The Nigerian Army will do the heavy lifting. They are ready.
A technical support from US military will go along way to bring this to an end sooner than later.  US already have a command post in Africa. Technical advisers, with their wealth of experience in counter-terrorism, for the Nigerian military will go a long way. US UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles aka: Drones) can be used to provide logistical support.

As you go to bed tonight, please hug your daughters and remember these children, our children in your prayers.

Our hearts are broken as we keep the vigil in prayers for a safe return of our children home. These criminals will pay dearly for their sins against the innocents.

We will bring our children home....

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