Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nigeria Self-Imposed Imperialism: And the Obsession With Foreign Corporations:

President Goodluck Jonathan
At the conclusion of the Nigeria centenary celebration, we at the Center for Modern Nigeria went back to the brainstorming session on what we can do moving forward to salvage our future. We concluded that this centenary celebration lost its significance with the honors to the dictators that wrecked Nigeria.  While this administration has done what was politically correct with these absurd honors, Nigeria history will not be so kind to them for many generations. 

However, we are excited with the ongoing National Conference.  This is another bold opportunity by this administration to refocus our nation to nationhood and its greatness amidst all distractions. 

This administration and this conference must address our self-imposed economic imperialism as witnessed in our obsession with foreign corporations in projects executions, who are only interested in what is best for their nations. This self-imposed economic imperialism has been the norm in the last 100 years of Nigeria amalgamation with mixed outcomes.  We want the next 100 years to be about Economic Emancipation. It is time we take our destiny in our own hands. Our current political environment is enabling as this administration lays the foundation for a better future.  Democracy promotes the best in humanity.  Dictatorships suffocate humanity. We saw what happened during are time in dictatorships in Nigeria.  But Nigeria outlasts dictatorships. All Nigerians must play their parts in our new political dispensations.

In the spirit of globalization, for which we are strong proponent, we believe in the inter-connections and inter-dependencies of nations politically and socioeconomically.  No nation on earth can exist in isolation. Transfer of technology is a must between nations.  Even North Korea reaches out to outside world the best way it can.  

This administration is our HOPE.  We trust this administration to do what is best for our nation.
However, Nigeria true emancipation will not be a reality until we are truly able to take charge of our destiny politically and socioeconomically. The Nigeria economic imperialism as we see in the dominance of foreign corporations in Nigeria development has not augured well for our nation. The domination of Julius Berger and Shell Oil Company to name a few has left us with substandard highway network system and unimaginable environmental devastation. After so many years of its presence in
Shell environmental Degradation
Nigeria, we have only few Nigeria highway system comparable to rural roads, not to mention the autobahns in Germany, the homeland of Julius Berger.  We have not seen any environmental devastation in Great Britain or Holland where Shell Oil Company is headquartered on a scale we have witnessed in Nigeria.

Nigeria is ranked 30th (40th in 2005, 52nd in 2000), in the world in terms of GDP as of 2013, and the 2nd largest economy in Africa (behind South Africa) and on track to become the largest economy in Africa in 2014.

In spite of the many years of hardships from poor governance under dictatorships, Nigerians are one of the most enduring and enterprising citizens on earth.  Our failure to fully leverage our human capital remains an hindrance to our attainment of our full potential and it stymies our economic development.

Nigeria excessive reliance on foreign corporations for our infrastructural developments has always been a drain on our GDP.  
Most recent data available suggests that Nigeria had a labor force of 57.2 million with the unemployment rate at 23.9% overall; urban unemployment exceeds rural unemployment. This is giving rise to social upheaval among the unemployed citizens that manifest as national insecurity.

We must open up our economy to Nigerian-owned corporations at home and in diaspora to help in the nations development.  Foreign corporations have done their best.  Their best is not good enough. Nigeria needs more   Nigerian-owned indigenous corporations can do a better job. Only Nigerians can develop Nigeria.

While we do not advocate protectionism in favor of Nigerian-owned corporations, we want the administration to give more opportunities and priorities to indigenous corporations at home and in diaspora in the national development. At least as a matter of National Pride.

This administration is surely what we need at this time in our history.  This administration is the bridge to our better and brighter future.

This administration is our HOPE.......

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  1. This administration will do what is best for Nigeria. The inherited corruption and economic stagnation may take time to correct. This administration is laying a solid foundation for Nigeria future. May God Bless GEJ.