Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bukola Saraki: An Anathema to Nigerian Politics and the End Game

Bukola Saraki: An Endgame
Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or indirectly through elected representatives. The term democracy originates from the Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) "rule of the people"
Nigeria democracy is just about 4 years old after extended period of dictatorships. Therefore, we accept all the strange developments that we have witnessed since this God-given opportunity to be masters of our own destiny; as opposed to one type of Dictator or the other telling us what to do by decree or who should be our leaders.  The real kingmakers are the masses and the masses only. The good thing about democracy is that the informed masses will always do what is right at the ballot box, no matter how long it takes.

The politics of followership that we are seeing in Kwara State, where we have a phantom and make-believe but fake political godfather-ism in the likes of Bukola Saraki has left us with soul searching. Democracy in Kwara State has been sabotaged. Godfatherism and followerships have replaced dictatorship in Kwara State.  One man is desperately trying to hijack people's' mandate. In our democracy, just like other democracies, we expect some political misfits to appear on our political radar. These political misfits may be disruptive to our democratic process and ideals as we have seen in the last couple of years especially in Kwara State.  These political misfits will scamper from one political party to the other in a desperation to fit in and to stay relevant, while their time runs out. Their main objective is to upend the process that benefit the masses for their personal selfish gratification.  These misfits are the enemies of the people. An informed electorate will do what is right at the ballot box. These types of politicians are inimical to any democracy; and certainly not good for Nigeria.  No democracy on earth has a place for a gluttonous looter of this magnitude.  In fact democracy was designed to rid the society of these misfits so that true Democrats can emerge. Bukola Saraki is a political misfit.
Bukola Saraki was the governor of Kwara State for 2 terms with no significant achievement.  There was no major contribution to the State development the entire time Bukola Saraki was the Governor of Kwara State. His mismanagement of Kwara State as a 2-term Governor left the State in a quandary, and as one of the most backward States in the Republic.  We saw an over-budgeted flyover bridge where it was not needed in Ilorin. Bukola Saraki mismanaged the State just as he did at the Societe Generale Bank. His desperate grip on the political throats of the people of Kwara for his own selfish political gains smirks on tyranny.

Societe Generale Bank
Bukola Saraki occupied a controlling position at the Societe Generale Bank where he left a
Societe Generale Bank
trial of gross mismanagement that rendered the bank insolvent. 
Bukola Saraki ran this great bank to the ground through gross mismanagement and looting on a grande scale. We were still trying to figure out what happened at Societe Generale Bank when Bukola Saraki through manipulative elections, became the Governor of Kwara State.  We will reopen the investigation on what happened at Societe Generale Bank at the right time, for the sake of the investors that lost their savings. There is no status of limitation.

Now, Bukola wants to stay relevant by his defection to any political party that will take him.  He has found a home in another political party that is desperate for misfits and lacked ideologies and identification. Bukola Saraki's activities in our democratic process is an anathema that the system is designed to take care of in due course. Bukola Saraki will be expunged at the ballot box from our political process by the people of Kwara State.  His  chaotic, selfish and crude political strategies do not augur well for Kwara State and Nigeria. His inflated ego is delusional that caters only to his political gratifications.

We are disappointed by the crudity of Kwara State politics of followership as perfected by Bukola Saraki and his cronies; where average citizens have settled for the crumbs from his table. This will not last.

The End Game And Time Out
What goes up must come down. The time is up and out for the politicians of followership. It is surely a new dawn in Kwara politics. It is a natural evolution that the likes of Bukola Saraki must come and go.  His time is over. Bukola Saraki is at his end game. Our democratic process will take care of the politics of followership.  The people of Kwara State will rise up and take their destiny in their own hands and do what is right at the ballot box. Our elections will set the stage for Bukola Saraki's journey to obscurity and irrelevance.  We call on Bukola Saraki to come to his senses and do what is right.  He must prepare to vacate his seat at the senate, since his defection and prepare himself for the inevitability as the sun sets on his nefarious political mess.  A democracy has no place for miscreant politicians.

As part of the political evolution, Bukola Saraki will become irrelevant politically sooner than later. 

This is the end game for the self-serving politician and his likes in Kwara State politics and in Nigeria.

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  1. The politics as played by Saraki is surely not good for Nigeria. Without any doubt, his days are numbered. He should vacate his senate seat since his defection.