Sunday, March 9, 2014

APC unfolds Manifesto: A Welcome Political Development; KUDOS to APC

Tinubu and Buhari: APC Chieftains
As All Progressives Congress (APC) unveiled their manifesto, we all breath a sigh of relief. At last we are beginning to see with clarity where the opposition will take this country if given the peoples' mandate.  

At Center for Modern Nigeria, we are very impressed.  This manifesto is laudable.  The 10-point plan prioritized the fight against corruption, tackling insecurity and made a bold pledge to create more than seven million new jobs across the country.
Provisions were also outlined for energy production,  free primary and secondary education, greater welfare support for the poorest as well as increasing domestic manufacturing, technology and agriculture. These are the kinds of discussion we want to see during this campaign.  APC must continue to clarify in more details how these election promises will be implemented.  We commend these efforts.

All right-thinking Nigerians will embrace this "road map"

There is an emotional fatigue in Nigeria with all the defections and counter-defections that were crude and lacked sophistication.  After so many wasted months on defections engineering, which we believe has done more damage to the opposition than good, APC is beginning to focus on the issues that matter to Nigerians. In politics, 2015 is still an eternity.  APC can still make up for the lost time on the politics of defections.  To them we extend our appreciation for these issue- and citizens-focused manifesto.

We will continue this political debate and educate the masses so we can all make informed choices at the ballot box.

As the political battle line is being drawn between the ruling party and the opposition, Nigerians are watching with keen interest.

At Center for Modern Nigeria, we continue to condemn all purported 'strategizing' by some ex-dictators who are hell bent on subverting our democratic process.  We will continue to call out these enemies of Nigeria, who want to keep on to their suffocating grips on Nigeria socioeconomic and political life line. Nigeria will move forward with our democratic dispensations without them.  

To APC we say KUDOS.  The political battle-line is drawn and getting clearer....

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