Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Call for Presidential Action: Minister Accused of Spending N10bn on Private Jet

A Nigerian Minister Challenger 850
Aviation stakeholders petitioned President Jonathan recently on allegation of a cabinet minister in the administration of spending N10bn on private jet.  This in a nation where we have shortage of fuel lasting several days nationwide including in Abuja, the Federal capital.
This allegation was contained in a petition forwarded to President Jonathan by some workers at the nation's airports, under the aegis of Concerned Aviation Professionals (CAP) at the weekend.
The petition, also copied to the Senate President, David mark; Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal; Senate Committee on Public Petitions, House Committee on Public Petitions, all political parties with members in the National Assembly and civil society organizations, has it that CAP is in possession of details of operation of the jet, a Challenger 850 with registration number 0E-ILA.
It was signed by both the coordinating chairman and coordinating secretary of CAP, Abdul Malik Masaya and John Obande Anihinru, respectively.

"We have details and impeccable records which confirm that the 'Super Minister' has been frittering away scarce Nigerian resources in maintaining the Challenger 850 aircraft at one of the private hangers in Nigerian airports in the last two years.
"The incontrovertible evidence we have is that the minister has been committing 500,000 euros (N130 million), monthly, to maintaining the aircraft in the last two years. Thus, in two years, the minister has committed the sum of N3.120 billion to keeping the jet, which is for personal and family use alone," the professionals said. 

Fuel Shortage in Abuja
Nigeria Freedom of Information Act:
We applaud the patriotism of the Aviation stakeholders in bringing this critical information to the public discourse. The freedom of information act  allows the release of this kind of critical information to the public either by the government or the general public that possess this information.  We want these honorable Nigerians to reveal all the information available to them, including the name of the minister and the associates, to the public as soon as possible.
This revelation is half the measure.  We need the details including the information of the names of those involved in these gluttonous behaviors in the face of struggling and suffering masses.
In a nation where there are chronic fuel shortages to service our economy.  These fuel  shortages cost Nigeria economy trillions of dollars annually in lost productivity. 
This fuel shortages is an indictment of Nigeria policy-makers of a sordid service to the nation and an obvious evidence of incompetence. 

In our democracy, the masses will do what is right at the ballot box.  We call on this administration to respond to the report from these honorable stakeholders as soon as possible.  We want full investigation of the said minister and appropriate sanction applied.

There is no better opportunity for the president to demonstrate his commitment to political piety and intolerance to corruption.  

A Call for Urgent Presidential Action
A presidential action on this matter will add more credibility to this administration. And it's very urgent.  This administration has more to gain through transparency.  Nothing to loose. Efforts to cover up any political ally of these inglorious excesses portend implicit guilt.  Those who have vested interest in the success of this administration will be disappointment if we allow a spend drift minister to continue to plunder our resources without sanction. 

The President must act NOW....

These allegations will remain on our radar.

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