Thursday, July 7, 2016

Anarchy looms in Abia as third contender emerges, challenges court ruling affirming Ogah as gov-elect

Because of the magnanimity of one man, we concluded a peaceful presidential election and all the naysayers that Nigeria would fall apart in 2015 were put to shame. That's in spite of the 3 millions underage voters, overvoters and card readers discrepancies. Today, the dogs and baboons blood did not flow just because one man was magnanimous. Ever since, our nation has been plunged into series of crises. Today the level of political terrorism has risen to the 1983 level when the citizens' civil liberties were thrown to the dogs. Today, Nigeria has the highest political prisoners in Africa under the disguised of corruption fight to decimate the opposition. Our nation has become a joke.  Read more..

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