Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our fears for Nigeria — IMF Chief, Christine Lagard

IMF Director Christine Lagard
You got things wrong the very moment you turned partisanship. I did not hear Lagard for once said that Nigeria's economy is not the strongest and biggest in Africa. Some people must have done a fantastic job in the last 6yrs. And definitely not in the last 7 months of inactivity due to lack of cabinet to form economic policies, with the resultant economic doldrums. Your Mr Integrity (or Mr Calamity) would rather run a nation like Nigeria as the sole administrator because he detests "noise makers"
Let's give credit to the last elected government that kept us together and built the best and strongest economy in continental Africa. We know the dictators would rather continue to demonize our democracy to justify their heinous crimes. Years of mediocre military dictatorships, of which Buhari was a godfather brought our nation to the precipice of a failed State. Just 5 yrs of elected administration and a constitutional democracy transformed our nation's economy to the most attractive investment destination in Africa. Get that right.
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