Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Prominent Nigerian Civil Rights Attorney Says Violation of Nigerian Human Rights are Within the Law

Femi Falana: Nigerian Civil Rights Attorney
A prominent Nigerian civil rights attorney has just endorsed the arrests of Nigerians without warrants and without charge before the court within 48 hrs. At Center for Modern Nigeria, we disagree with this strategy that selectively probes a segment of Nigerian population.  We want to probe and fight corruption in Nigeria.  But due process must be followed and the civil and constitutional rights of all Nigerian must be protected and respected.  A government that flaunts the judiciary mandates has no moral rights to preside over a democratic governance.  These excesses of the Executive Branch of Nigerian administration violate the tenet of civilized democracy. We will continue to compile the flagrant civil and human rights violations of this administration for record keeping and for possible prosecution at the International level at the appropriate time and place.  We love our country and all Nigerians must be protected from persecution regardless of political, religious, tribal or geopolitical differences. An administration that chooses to marginalize its citizens can not succeed in a democracy.
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