Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nigeria Democracy Under Siege: Children Became Pawns on the Political Chess Board - Part 2

Kashim Shettima: Borno State "Governor".
The hoodlums that kidnapped our children have come to their end roads. The violent end to this madness is inevitable. Judging from the video released by these lunatics it is evident that we are dealing with a group of psychotic subhumans with morbid thought processes.  Their heinous activities are beyond clinical treatment.  And without any doubt we know that there are covert supports from overzealous "politicians".  How do we explain the sophisticated weapons and their military training?. These are jobless and unemployable rejects of the society.  These calculated and clandestine evil efforts to undermine our young democracy shall not stand.  The perpetrators of these crimes against our children and their sponsors shall be brought to justice.  Turning our children into pawns on the political chess board by these heartless 'politicians' and these ragtag hoodlums is a crime against humanity that demands the full force of the entire World to bear on them.  And Nigeria will emerge a stronger nation when all these are over.

We welcome and appreciate with all our hearts, the supports of all the International organisations and Nations in our struggle against these scourge.
At Center for Modern Nigeria, we are fully in support of Christian Association of Nigeria reports as reported in the news media:

Northern Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Reports:
The Northern Christian Association of Nigeria has accused the Borno State Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima and the authorities of Government Girl Secondary School in Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State of conspiracy against the abducted girls and the people of Nigeria.
A statement jointly signed by the Secretary-General and the Public Relations Officer of the Association, Prof. Daniel Babayi and Elder Sunday Oibe respectively, in Abuja, also demanded explanation from Governor Shettima to some issues it raised.
Former Education Minister leading the Protest
The body maintained that the abandonment of the abducted girls was a confirmation of the persecution Christians in the North had been suffering from authorities of various states in the region, accusing the state government of playing politics with the lives of Nigerians.
They said: “The Governor and government of Borno State should and must, as a matter of urgency, stop playing politics with the lives of the children of other people. They should produce those children without delay because they know their whereabouts.
“We demand an explanation from the Governor, Commissioner for Education, Principal and CSO of the school on what they did and what they did not do that led to the ferrying away of these innocent children who went to sit for an examination for the betterment of their tomorrow.
“How come that the parents of these children have not been able to come out and say anything? Are they saying that these children are orphans and do not have parents? We demand an explanation because from our investigation, parents of these children are facing intimidation and threats from the government of Borno State. That is why they could not come out to speak; but they are nursing their pains in silence.
“We also demand that the Federal Government and the international community should help us beg the Governor of Borno State to do everything within his powers to produce these children.”
“We also reject a situation where they will turn our daughters to sex slaves of these criminals called Boko Haram members. We have it on good authority that some of these children are being raped 15 times a day.
“Borno State government should be reminded that the fundamental human rights of these people should be respected and protected.
“The Governor should provide immediate explanation because we know that some people want to sacrifice these children on the altar of politics.”
At Center for Modern Nigeria we assert that:
  • Nigeria Security Services with the joint Global Technical Support, summon Kashim Shetima to Abuja for questioning immediately.
  • Kashim Shetima come clean with the names of all his political associates in their clandestine project to 'steal' our children and to destabilize Nigeria.
  • Any politician complicity must be identified, made public and sanctioned to the fullest extent of the law.
  • The slow response of this administration to this crisis is unacceptable and has failed the test of time.  All Advisers to the Presidency must be reviewed and reshuffled as a matter of urgency.  
  • We must abandon any thought of negotiation with these lunatics.
  • A robust and a heavy military offensive to rescue these children and to uproot these lunatics from the face of the earth are the best options. 
  • We express our gratitude for the global support during this difficult period.
Our nightmares and our sleepless nights will not be over until all our children come home safe.
All of them must come home safe.......

We will not consider these nightmares over even if one of them fails to come home.

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