Thursday, May 29, 2014

From Barack Obama: The President of the United States

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Thank you for writing.  Along with millions of people across the globe, Michelle and I are outraged and heartbroken over the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls by the terrorist group Boko Haram.  No child should be forced to live in fear for getting an education and pursuing her dreams.
President Barack Obama
Like people everywhere, Nigerians deserve to be free from violence and from terror.  The United States will not forget the people of Nigeria during this difficult time.  At my direction, and in coordination with our international partners, our Government is providing extensive assistance to help find these girls and bring them home to their families.  Sadly, this is not an isolated act of terror, and we stand with the Nigerian people in their ongoing struggle against violent extremism.
As the Nigerian government works to root out Boko Haram and associated groups, we will keep providing assistance to help them develop a comprehensive approach to handling the threats posed by these groups.  And we will continue aiding Nigeria as it dismantles these networks of terror and takes meaningful, effective actions to create a future safe from the horrors we see today.  Combating terrorism means protecting civilians and ensuring respect for human rights—not only in Nigeria, but around the world.
The United States is committed to doing its part to help prevent mass atrocities, protect basic human rights, and promote opportunity for all.  We do so in partnership with other governments, the United Nations, and with religious institutions, unions, and civil organizations both at home and abroad.  Using every available tool, we will keep working to resolve the root causes of conflict, build lasting institutions, and train the peacekeepers, police, and soldiers who protect those in danger.
More broadly, promoting peace and prosperity means securing equal rights and opportunity for women and girls.  When women succeed, nations are safer, more secure, and more prosperous.  We will continue empowering women and girls everywhere to pursue the education that is their birthright, and to participate fully in their societies.
Thank you, again, for your message.  In these Nigerian girls, many of us see our own daughters.  Their courage pushes us to fight to ensure all children have the opportunities they deserve and the chance to reach their fullest potential.


Barack Obama

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