Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nigeria Bomb Blast: A Call For An Emergency Security Council Meeting:

Nigerian Interior Minister:
Comrade Abba Moro
In Nigeria, it is said that a Child who says his mother will not sleep; will not even come close to sleeping himself.  These radtag hoodlums have cowardly and senselessly striked at the heart of all Nigerians with impunity. They shall never know peace again.  They have succeeded again in dragging the good name of a peaceful Islamic religion into disrepute.  Let all the sponsors of these evils know that they have failed miserably politically.  With these evil acts, Nigerians and the whole world are galvanized to confront them in unity and in oneness. 

Sadly, one can not negotiate with these sociopaths. It is either their ways or the highways.  Darkness can never triumph over light.  This we all know. This dark chapter in our history will be brief. 

As our hearts bleed, our thoughts and prayers are with these innocent Nigerians that we lost and their families.
The "politicians" who promised to make our nation ungovernable; we say they have failed in their political ambition.  They have become a none entities. We are more determined than ever to reject them.  We know this is not about islamization of Nigeria or rejection of western education. It is about some idiots desperate for political power. We will respond to this madness at the ballot box with a vengeance. 
Abuja Bomb Blast

Emergency Security Council Meeting:
The presidency should summon an emergency security council meeting.  The National Security Adviser and the Ministers for Defense and Internal Affairs and all the Heads of the branches of Nigeria Military Services must come up with a rapid and robust response to these madness immediately. 

We need all the forces available to respond to this menace.  With good intelligence and concerted efforts of the  Nigerian security branches, this can be over sooner than later.

Nigerians and the world will stand tough and tall during these difficult periods in togetherness.  The whole world is galvanized to confront these poly-headed monsters and their sponsors. The losers are their religion and the overly ambitious politicians whose political fates have been sealed.

The perpetrators and the sponsors of these terrorism shall know no peace.  

This is a war they can never win .......

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