Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boko Haram: A Nigeria Blemish and How We Failed To Protect Our Children

Close to a week now, our girls were snatched from their school while preparing for their examinations; by depraved and ragtag hoodlums under the disguise of a jihad. These hoodlums have brought the name of Islam into a severe disrepute and scorn.
Our girls must come home
As we write this report, we don't know the conditions and the welfare of these innocent girls; and our leaders could go to bed at night to sleep?.  We wonder what kind of leaders we have in Nigeria?
Where is the President, the Emirs, the Sultans and other clerics and all the political leaders?  How on earth could anybody go to bed at night when our innocent children are somewhere in a forest with these thugs?.

All Nigerians of all creeds become the parents of these innocent girls as long as they remain in the clutches of these thugs. Our sleepless nights and nightmares shall be our painful price until they all come home.

The sins of these thugs are unforgivable and the pain they have inflicted on us is horrendous. 

National Security:
Where are the Nigerian SWAT team?. We are running against time and the safety and welfare of these girls surpass politics.  Sadly, we cannot negotiate with these hoodlums. Their reasoning are beyond human decency

What kind of forest is too deep or too large for our security agents to overrun to bring our girls home? This forest is in Nigeria and we have the control of every inch of it. While we do not want to apportion blame for the seemingly incompetence of our security forces, we are downcast by the ineffectiveness and the inefficiency that we see. If our children are not safe in the confine of the school, where else could they be safe? If our children could not get an education, what happens to our leaders of tomorrow?
We call on all the  Nigerian security forces to coordinate their efforts to bring this madness to an end and help put this blemish on our nation to an end.  Let us mobilize all the Nigerian Army Brigades with the aerial support from the Airforce against these lunatics, to bring these children home. With every passing day and every brutality inflicted on these children, we shall all bear the brunt.

If we cannot protect our little ones, how do we protect a nation? It is a blemish on us and a shame on the entire nation. Our hearts bleed and we are inconsolable as these nightmares drag on.  Our failure to protect our children is also our failure as a nation.

Progress Reports:
We need daily live-updates on the progress by the security forces on the rescue operation for the release of these girls. We want our nightmares brought to an end.  We will keep the vigil until all the children come home unarmed.

We call on all Christian and Muslim leaders to stand up together against these evils and condemn them with one voice.

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