Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nigeria National Conference: Another Bold Opportunity for Nigeria Transformation to Greatness

President Goodluck E Jonathan

As the Nigeria National Conference gets underway in Abuja; we want to extend our unalloyed blessings and support to the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and to  all the patriots that answered the clarion call to national duty.  The nobility of their characters as patriots will earn them favorable spots in Nigeria history books for many generations

At Center for Modern Nigeria we are upbeat that only good will and can come out of this conference.  Some of us were too young or naive to understand the basis and the outcome of the previous manipulated national conference.  The naysayers have referenced the past failed national conference, conducted under a 'dictatorship' as a template for what to expect from the current conference.  We totally disagreed with the pessimists.  We want Nigerians to understand that the current National Conference is a bold and a transparent step by this administration to set our dear nation on the path to greatness.  The recommendation of this conference will be the voice of the people, and will not be subject to 'pick-and-choose' as we saw in a dictatorship.  
It is awesome to see Nigerians from all sections of the country sitting together on the table of togetherness and brotherliness to brainstorm our challenges and proffer solutions that will chart the path forward for our dear nation.   
Quote from President Goodluck Jonathan 
"..................... We cannot continue to fold our arms and assume that things will straighten themselves out in due course, instead of taking practical steps to overcome impediments on our path to true nationhood, rapid development and national prosperity.

For many years we have discussed and argued over various issues concerning our national existence and well-being. Much of this national discourse has been conducted through the mass media, both print and electronic. More recently, the advent of the age of ICT and social media has greatly enlarged the space for the discussion of our country's future.

Many more young and articulate Nigerians who previously had little access to the traditional
Nigeria National Conference
mass media have now joined the conversation, motivated by patriotic concern for good governance, peace, stability, justice, equity, fairness and the harmonious co-existence of the diverse groups that make up our great nation.

Dear Compatriots, my administration is convening this National Conference today because we believe that we must assume responsibility for ensuring that the long-running national debate on the best way forward for our country is not in vain.............." 

To the President and to all Nigerians, we pledge our support. Nigerians at home and in Diaspora support these efforts.  

From United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland Germany, Russia, Australia and all over the world, we embrace this administration's efforts to pilot this nation on the path to greatness after many years of servitude in the hands of dictatorships.   

The CHANGE in Nigeria has begun...... The train of CHANGE has left the station.

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  1. I disagree with those that oppose this conference. I support this conference and I know this administration will do what is right. This is not a dictatorship. God bless Nigeria.