Saturday, February 8, 2014

Obasanjo versus Nigeria Constitution: The Agony of a Dictator

We are watching with keen interest and appreciation, all the efforts by the new PDP's National Chairperson, Adamu Mu'azu; to bring his party in line before the next elections.  We also applaud the statesmanship of Mallam Bamanga Tukur for his noble decision to step down so as to bring peace and sanity to his political party.  It is a democracy in action. It has just been revealed that Obasanjo insists on his return to PDP only if the President kept to his promise of one term, regardless of the constitutional provision to seek second term if he (Goodluck Jonathan) so wishes. 

Presidents Obama and Goodluck Jonathan
This is a troubling revelation and all the right thinking Nigerians must see this as a threat to our modern democracy.  Obasanjo's contempt for the Nigeria constitution and the rule of law smack on histrionic personality disorder and a pathological belief in his distorted delusional grandiosity.  He knows all and he is better than all Nigerians. To Obasanjo, it is screw all Nigerians
We were reliably informed that Obasanjo made a similar secrete pact to a clique of oligarchy to stay in power for one term, before his "enthronement" as the president.  He not only completed a two term but schemed for a third term.   
We are not interested in the veracity of the secrete promise made by Goodluck Jonathan to Obasanjo to be a one-term president.  We declare such promise made by Goodluck Jonathan to be a one-term president as illegal. We abhor all these or any secrete pacts made by these politicians, including Goodluck Jonathan. It insult our democratic system and disenfranchise the citizenry. We now know that secrete pacts are the holly grail of dictators.  That is all Obasanjo is holding on to, regardless of what our constitution says. 

We are very concerned about the subversion of our democratic process by a bunch of dictators, making secret pacts in the middle of the nights, who want to be self-appointed spokespersons for all Nigerians and dictate who should and must be our president.  The violation of Nigerians constitutional rights to elect their leaders must be seen as a serious issue.  We call on all Nigerians and the International community to condemn these dictators and call on this man, Obasanjo, to order.

It is now or never, to relegate and push these old guards aside as we journey through this long and arduous road to a modern democracy. We don't need these kinds of craps from these dictators that held our dear nation hostage through many years of dictatorships. Their suffocating grips on the political and socioeconomic welfare of our nation are the basis of the rot they left us. They will not go down without a fight.  Just as light overcomes darkness; our democracy will outlast dictatorships; for which Obasanjo is the ambassador.

President Goodluck Jonathan has the constitutional right to seek a reelection if he so chooses.  This threat from Obasanjo is a threat to our democracy and our future as a nation.  Failure to stand up to this type of silliness from an egomaniacal and  narcissistic dictator, will portend our unpreparedness to be a modern nation and our reluctance to put behind us those years of dictatorships.
Ex-Dictator Obasanjo

We call on PDP to expel Obasanjo from the party for his undemocratic and anti-party activities. Once a dictator, always a dictator.  It is his agony that our democracy is moving forward without him. Obasanjo is a drag on our democratic system.

On the other hand, we await to see what comes out of the opposition as the dictators among them are jostling for leaderships.   A need for a credible opposition political party is essential for the survival of a multi party democratic system. A one party system is a monopoly.  A vibrant political competition is the antecedent to a modern democratic system. However, the asinine behaviors of political thuggery we are seeing at the legislature is detestable and disgraceful. It is unacceptable.  The illusion of political power from stolen elections through engineered defections is just a mirage.  APC has no claim to any political capital or authority on any legislation until after the elections when they can demonstrate their capability to win elections and to be credible representative of the masses.

We, the people will resist the subversion of Nigeria Constitution and our democracy by Obasanjo or anyone.

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