Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Obasanjo's Factor and the Insanity of a Systemic Decadence

Former Dictator: Obasanjo
After the explosive "Before it is too Late" exposè from Obasanjo to President Jonathan; it can be concluded that, it was a tactical and a preemptive strategy to fend off a probing look at his (Obasanjo's) corrupt record. Obasanjo forwarded his letter to all the former Dictators for their review before he copied the president.  

The former Head of CBN, Lamido Sanusi, forwarded his scathing NNPC letter to Obasanjo before he sent it to the president. Another tactical and preemptive strategy to blackmail this administration, should there be investigations into his activities at the bank.  Even though he (Sanusi) denied it, just as Obasanjo denied leaking his letter to the media.  We did not believe any of them. On inference, it goes to show that Mr. Sanusi reports to Obasanjo first and the President later.  Please let someone prove me wrong.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal recently paid homage to the Hilltop, Abeokuta to fraternize and to 'strategize'  with Obasanjo on how to upend the presidency in the next election. So we learnt.  Does he pays allegiance to Obasanjo or to the president, the head of his political party?.  We need to know.  
We must remind the public that Mr. Speaker holds his speakership position in the house of representative on the platform of PDP, the same political party as the president.  Mr. Speaker has criticized the presidency on many occasions and he has paid glowing tributes to the opposition.  He has shunned all PDP political activities by keeping his distance. While Mr. Speaker has not formally defected to the opposition, we are not deceived by his positional ambivalence.

The freedom of association and expressions are the inalienable rights of all. Mr. Speaker and the former CBN Governor and all other defectors have the rights to be anywhere they want.

Aminu Tambuwal
However, we are leery of political associations that are suspects. These macabre political dances with,  and the adulation of a political godfather with a questionable track record is an insanity of a decadent social system.  Nigerians will always remember a presidency that was foisted on us by a clique of oligarchy after secret pacts in the middle of the night. Nigerians will not forget the 8 years of a presidency that entrenched unimaginable systemic corruption and left no legacy of positive national importance.  An 8 year of presidency that will remain an extension of dictatorships in Nigeria. We will always remember a presidency that doubled as the point-man of the Nigeria oil industry with no proper accounting. A presidency that had no respect for due process and the rule of law. We will not forget the Halliburton indictment and the trails of unsolved political assassinations.

A politician that fraternizes and 'strategizes' with the godfathers of 'do-or-die' and 'k-leg' politics will not be part of Nigeria modern future.  Such politicians are not good for our new democracy. We will continue to monitor these politicians and denounce their efforts to upend the rights of Nigerians to a better future and to good governance.

In a democratic system, the political power does not belong to one person, but to the masses. Definitely not to one former Dictator.  The masses are the 'king makers' and not one Dictator.  Although, we have been reminded time after time how the self-styled 'kingmaker' manipulated the system to impose his 'choice' on all Nigerians in the past; he must accept the fact that the power belongs to the masses.  The disenfranchisement of the masses by the past successive dictatorships, for so many years, since our Independence brought this nation to her kneels.  

There are several selfish politicians that would prefer Nigerians servitude to dictators for their selfish political gratification.  We all know that the years of dictatorships have brought our nation nothing but pain and agony. The good news is that the majority of Nigerians are prepared to move forward.

Obasanjo and his tinsels of ambitious and selfish politicians epitomize a systemic decadence that ignore the good welfare of the masses. The morality of these corrupt politicians have been mortgaged and their patriotism are questionable. They, and their godfather(s)  belong to the past. 

We expect more distractions, in the run up to 2015.  The overly ambitious megalomaniacs are expected to rear their ugly heads in their efforts to scuttle the ongoing agenda. 

We want the opposition (APC) to be more organized for the sake of our Nation.  We want to hear more of their ideologies and manifesto.   Otherwise, PDP may be the only peoples' choice for the next 100 years.

Our democratic system is not perfect.  But this administration is laying the foundation and it is building the bridge to a better future for Nigeria. 

The citizens will speak in one voice at the ballot box in 2015.

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