Friday, February 21, 2014

APC Hired Foreign Political Consultant : The Tackiness of a Party in Panic Mode

President Jonathan and VP Sambo
If it is true that All Progressive Party (APC) has hired AKPD Message and Media, a political consultancy founded  by David Axelrod, based in Chicago, then this is a wake up call to all Nigerians that we do not have an opposition party that we need. This act is an indictment of a political party that is incompetent to run its business. This decision to contract an outsider to run their organization is an evidence of a rudderless ship that is desperate to find direction. This is not what we want to see in the opposition. We want to see patriots that are proud Nigerians who believe in Nigeria with all her resources and God-given potentials to chart her path on our way to our destined glory.
By this act to contract the services of a foreign political consultant, APC (All Progressive Party) has demonstrated their desperation for political power grab.  This singular act has further entrenched PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) as the only political party to beat in the next election and beyond. By this act, APC has wittingly and selfishly surrendered their political sovereignty to a foreign consultant. How can we trust this political party with the leadership of our nation, without them (APC) surrendering our sovereignty to a foreign nation. By this act, APC has unwittingly galvanized Nigerians during this political process to take a closer look for a better alternative to their political (APC) agenda.

This step, taken by APC demonstrates tackiness and wackiness.  It suggests a political party in a panic mode; that want the political power by all means necessary. This kind of ideology can never serve Nigeria well. 

For a moment, think of an American political party contracting a consultant from Russia or even Great Britain to run their political campaign.  That party would have had the result of the elections before the votes are even cast. And the results would not be good. A resounding rejection and a stinging electoral defeat. So shall it be in Nigeria, unless APC reverses this despicable act.

These desperate efforts at power grab are the traditions of the major players and the founding members of this Party. They turn to foreign sources in their efforts to achieve their self-centered goals.

Boko Haram Foreign Connection
Boko Haram: The ragtags
Nigerians have not forgotten the solemn vow to make Nigeria ungovernable for this administration during the last presidential election. We have since witnessed the virulent upsurge of terrorism in the North and the wanton destruction of innocent human lives and properties.  The indiscriminate mayhem are now extended to all religions (both Islam and Christianity). And we are now seeing their desperate efforts to export terrorism to the rest  of Nigeria.  Nigerians are not deceived.  We know for a fact that this is the fulfillment of the threats made during the last presidential elections to make our lives miserable. And so they did. But we are undaunted. Without any doubt, we also believe in the presence of foreign connections in all of these, with the tacit blessings of the enemies of Nigerians within who bankroll their twisted Islamic campaigns against Nigeria. They have succeeded in dragging the good name of the peaceful Islamic religion into disrepute. We are broken-hearted by the brutal loss of innocent Nigerian lives; and the heartlessness of these bigoted sponsors. These psychopaths that bankroll these ragtag sociopaths and hoodlums may never know peace.
We must investigate and identify the sponsors of Boko Haram. We must track the sources of there finances and weaponry. Expose and stop them. These are the only viable surgical solutions to this madness.  And a way to put an end to these ragtag twisted minded sociopaths and stop this mayhem. One way or the order, Nigeria shall have peace with or without them.

Now this:
Foreign Political Consultant:
David Axelrod: Founder AKP Message and Media
There are Nigerian Professional Publicity Consultants by the bushels, who are competent and culturally-tuned to the Nigeria political landscape. The choice of a foreign political consultant by APC is as ill-advised as it is hilarious.  We know David; we all worked for the campaign of Barack Obama during both elections. We respect David's astute political senses. But we advise David to tread cautiously in an uncharted political territory and an unfamiliar landscape. David should never let anyone, either by proxy or by association, rubbish his hard-earned impeccable reputation. Let APC know for a fact, that unless this act is rescinded, their political fortune at the ballot box has been written before the votes are cast. And it is not good. As if all the engineered political defections are not enough. Let it be known that scavenging for political votes after elections are over does not confer political legitimacy or capital.  Until APC is able to win elections fair and square, their transitory seemingly majority is an illusion. These engineered political defections by APC will be one of their undoings among many in 2015.

What we want from APC:
Nigeria wants a credible political opposition with ideologies and manifesto that win the hearts and minds of Nigerians.  Let APC start talking and telling us about how to address pressing matters of importance to Nigerians.  The unemployment problem, the state of Nigeria economy, the broken Nigeria healthcare and education system, the broken infrastructures, national insecurity, systemic corruption to name a few. We want to know where APC plans to take Nigeria, should we entrust them with the mandate at the ballot box. PDP is already taking up these challenges one step at a time.  We need a credible opposition to offer us an alternative, if there is any. This APC may have failed us.

At Center for Modern Nigeria, we are increasingly concerned that APC may not be the opposition party that Nigeria needs at this time.  That would make PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) a dominating party with ample time to consolidate there political dominance for the next 100 years.  We don't want to see a monopoly of our democratic dispensations by one political party.  Monopoly may lead to complacency.

Nigerians are better informed and are ready for the political foreign invasion in 2015.  It will be an interesting season.

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