Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Nigeria Ruling Political Party for Another 30 years

Let us get this straight.  The ongoing defections and political realignment in the country is an evidence of a democratic process in action except for the crudity and the lack of sophistication. These defectors' assumption that they are leaders in their own rights and their constant reference to their 'followers' as formidable; therefore making them indispensable is flatly misplaced.  In all democratic process, the electorates' allegiance and identification are to the political party ideologies and manifestos.  No one individual is more important or above the political party.  Leaderships will always come and go. The party remains. It is so amusing to see such mass "defections" on a scale rarely seen in the history books. The whole charade made mockery of the entire political process. What this signifies is that if an individual disagrees on any issue with the party platform, defection is
Nigeria Political Map
the answer.  Where is the word compromise.  It has now been revealed that most of these defectors are scheming to maintain relevance when their constitutional terms are over. And the others are scheming to create an untouchable persona for their past nefarious misgovernances and corruption. These are selfish and self-centered group of people that are better of as a group in another political party for easy identification and delineation.  Their defections will sanitize their parent political party and makes the party more focused on the ideologies and policies that enhance the nation. The political party is better of without these defectors because somehow, someday, these same defectors will continue to exploit only the opportunities that meet their own desires only and not that of the nation. So I say, let them go.
If they choose to return after their political capital at their new home is exhausted and they outstayed their welcome, then the home party will welcome them back home.... like prodigal sons.

The Hypothesis
PDP: Ruling Party
On the basis of the political calculations and permutations and the ongoing political developments, unless there are dramatic changes in the present equations and in the opposition, the current political party will rule Nigeria for the next 20-30 years without interruption. Do the simple maths.  President Goodluck will rule for another 4 years after 2015 until 2019.  The vice President has the constitutional rights to seek the presidency if he or she is interested.  If Sambo is on good term with the electorates and he is interested, the calculation goes thus, Namadi Sambo will step in as the next president after 2019 for another 2 terms of 8 years until 2017.  A good political calculation for this ruling party, for a mass appeal, is a Sambo's Vice President from the South-east.  The South-east vice president will step in as the president in 2017 as the president for another 8 years term until 2025. Another good political calculation will be a vice president and the future president after 2025 from the South-west in 2017.  By 2025, with a transparent democratic system that has vigorously implemented an agenda that has transformed the nation on the path to modernization and economic progress, subsequent elections are for the taking by this progressive political party. With the populist agenda that clips corruption, promote and invest in education and health care system, invest in infrastructures and revamp the economy this political entity will enjoy the support of the electorates for another 100 years. 
APC: Opposition Party

At Center for Modern Nigeria, we will continue to campaign and educate against rotational presidency on the basis of a geopolitical preconfiguration entrenched in a political platform. However, political calculations in the best interest of the political party and its agenda and the ultimate benefit of the entire nation, other factors must interplay in the selections of candidate to this highest office. Nigerian highest office is definitely not for mediocrity when a geopolitical zone fails to produce a credible candidate.  May the best Nigerian be elected to this high office in the best interest of the nation.

The political stage is taking shape for the political battles at the ballot box.  At Center for Modern Nigeria, a political party with the agenda that places the interest of Nigeria above all other things, that guarantee constitutional equal rights and equal representation for all Nigerians and that embraces the entire country as One Nation under God will continue to earn our best wishes.

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