Monday, January 27, 2014

APC: The Paper Tiger of Nigeria Politics

Ex Dictator: Buhari
All Progressives Congress (APC) recently in a communique signed by its interim national publicity secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, following its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, directed its legislators to block all legislative proposals from the presidency, including the passage of 2014 budget, currently before the National Assembly for consideration. This is the first salvo and we expect more of same.  We are not surprised at this development to say the least.  However, we are aware of the limitations of their political capital. The ongoing defections amount to stolen elections and confer no legitimacy to these renegades. 
What it all meant is that if they cannot win an election, they can engineer defections and steal the votes when the elections are over. The euphoria emanating from all these crude defections will sort itself out as soon as the dust settle. The political campaign has not started and the election season has not started.  The response to this arrogance will be and must be swift at the right time.  
APC Chieftains

At Center for Modern Nigeria, we will like to see a credible and a strong opposition with ideologies and manifesto that put Nigeria and the welfare of Nigerians in the forefront. A strong and credible opposition will offer the electorates better choices. What we are seeing at the moment is far below the standards that Nigerians need to move this country forward. 

We await the outcome of these directives from APC  meeting.  Any kind of paralysis of Nigerian Government amount to anarchy.  Any singular or collective action by any body or political party to scuttle the peoples government amount to anarchy.  

This action by APC has exposed their greed and vicious hatred for Nigeria.  By this directive from APC, they have imploded their party beyond reform.  APC is a shipwreck that has just happened. We as a nation need to start looking for a more credible opposition to the Peoples Democratic Party, that will put the nation's interests above their personal and selfish interests.

APC is a paper tiger of Nigeria politics.  It is a house of cards.

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