Thursday, January 9, 2014

CBN Gov, Sanusi Defies The President - Says Jonathan Has No Right to Order Him to Resign

Sanusi Lamido
Please let us clear the fact from fiction.  That the Nigerian CBN Governor defied the president's order to resign following the recent allegation of missing NNPC fund imbroglio is beyond human reasoning.  This issue was exploited by the political sharks to launch vicious attacks on the president and his administration,and that was unfortunate. The politicization of issues like this are common things in other democracies. It is nothing new. Therefore, the president should not expect anything less in our democracy. Our president is a democrat and not a dictator or definitely not a monarch.
What I do not understand is the Governor's act of defiance and the insubordination. As the country's president and the chief executive officer of the nation, Mr. President has the constitutional powers to appoint and fire any non elected member of his government. Maybe we have never seen this behavior in the past; but then, our young democracy is at its developmental stage and there will be several precedents. This is one. Mr. Sanusi Lamido's  challenge to the president's authority on this issue is misplaced and smack on arrogance and insubordination..  He must think twice before he proceeds further on this issue.
I have lived in the United States for several years as an American Citizen. We do not see this kind of 'crap' in a civilized democracy. This is another challenge to our democracy.  Not long ago, a US Army General and a war commander was requested by his commander in chief, to tender his resignation, right in the middle of a raging war, for certain offensive comments he made to a journalist.  The General obeyed the order immediately and he followed up with a remorseful apology to the president. Claiming his civil rights was out of the question.  In fact he almost lost his retirement benefits.
Mr. Lamido is missing the point here and he is underestimating the severity of his choices. This is a grievous mistake.  Let him forget about his political "godfather" for the moment or his career but think of what is good for Nigeria. Let him seek a new set of advisers who have better knowledge of the constitution.
At Center for Modern Nigeria, we urge Mr, Sanusi Lamido to comply with Mr. President's order to resign immediately and without delay.  To do otherwise, will amount to insubordination. It will be a slap on the faces of all Nigerian democrats and  all the peace loving people of Nigeria.   Any further politicization of this issue by those novice who believe in the twisted interpretation of Mr. Samusi's rights must be ready for a fight from the defenders of our young democracy. Mr. President, as the chief executive officer of Nigeria,  and a custodian of our constitution at this particular moment, will apply,  as he must, the constitutional full powers available to him to get this man out of CBN for the sake of our young democracy.  Mr Sanusi, by his partisanship, as demonstrated during this incident that he no longer has the locus standi to remain in this current administration.

Mr. Sanusi Lamido is a moral threat to our young democracy and must resign immediately.
Mr. Sanusi Lamido's challenge to the constitutional powers of the Nigerian President shall not stand,

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